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‘The Seder Explained’ in a Free, Four-Part Online Course

‘The Seder Explained’ in a Free, Four-Part Online Course

Practical and scholarly insight for Passover seder participants and leaders


With less than a month before Passover, preparations for the festival of leaven-free living are evident everywhere—from supermarket shelves to kitchen pantries and dining-room tables.

Yet there is another form of preparation taking place as well. has opened registration for “The Seder Explained,” a four-part online course that explores the primary components of the seder from both practical and scholarly approaches.

“If you still feel baffled by the rituals and texts of the seder, then this course is for you,” says Yaakov Kaplan, producer of courses. “And even if you feel like you have a basic grasp but are looking for enrichment and reinforcement, you’re sure to gain a lot from this series.”

The classes are led by Rabbi Moshe Steiner, co-director of Uptown Chabad in Toronto, Canada, since 2006. The rabbi is a familiar face and voice to regulars, who have gotten to know him through “Day by Day,” his reflections on the daily Hayom Yom.

The four segments this series focus on include the prohibition against chametz (any food product made from wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt or their derivatives that have leavened, or risen); the four cups of wine; the seder liturgy; and the mitzvah to eat matzah. The lectures will be aired on Tuesday, March 14, and can be viewed any time afterwards.

“Rabbi Steiner has prepared a wealth of information and inspiration for this course,” reports Kaplan, “and if you take it, you’ll certainly be well-prepared for the seder.”

Register here for the free series.

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