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Rabbi Yosef Goldstein, 85, Pioneering Storyteller and Educator

Rabbi Yosef Goldstein, 85, Pioneering Storyteller and Educator

A beloved writer, teacher and speaker, Rabbi Yosef “Uncle Yossi” Goldstein was often featured at children’s events and at parades on the holiday of Lag BaOmer.
A beloved writer, teacher and speaker, Rabbi Yosef “Uncle Yossi” Goldstein was often featured at children’s events and at parades on the holiday of Lag BaOmer.

Rabbi Yosef Goldstein, a pioneering Jewish storyteller who utilized radio, audiotapes and video to inspire generations with his uniquely crafted parables, stories and songs, passed away in Poway, Calif on March 7. He was 85 years old.

Popularly known as “Uncle Yossi,” Goldstein recorded some 14 audiotape cassettes with more than 50 stories and songs that highlighted Jewish ethical teachings within the context of entertaining and enlightening stories.

A leader in creating educational programming on the airwaves, Goldstein was the long-time host of “Tzivos Hashem on the Air,” which was broadcast for a decade throughout the United States.

Goldstein made his first recording in 1972, with the blessings and encouragement of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory. He said that in all of his works, he aimed to instill a love for G‑d, the Torah and the Jewish people – the three pillars of Judaism – in the minds and hearts of children and young adults.

A popular speaker, Goldstein was often featured at children’s events and at parades on the holiday of Lag B’Omer. “Joyfully, I raise my hands to Hashem to thank Him for the merit of having been able to devote my life’s energies to the field of Chinuch al Taharas HaKodesh – Torah-true Jewish education,” he once said. “Words cannot express how gratifying it is to behold hundreds of Jewish children, on occasion, even thousands of them, all pure Jewish neshomos, souls, proudly pointing in all directions as they declare in song their firm emunah, faith, that ‘Hashem Is Truly Everywhere.’”

For more than 30 years, Goldstein served as associate principal of the Bais Yaakov Elementary School of Boro Park, in Brooklyn, N.Y., and continued to be involved in Jewish outreach and education during his later years.

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Mindy Schaper Memphis March 14, 2013

Baruch Dayan HaEmes I was in third grade in BY Elementary when he decided to move to California. We were all so sad. He was so beloved- he was always so warm and gentle. I liked him best of all the staff at BY. He was the one who gave out prizes when we got enough stickers or tokens (for davening, I think). Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY March 12, 2013

Rabbi Goldstein was my Hebrew Principal in Beth Jacob of the Lower East Side (Beth Jacob Esther Schoenfeld). He was a very caring , loving and kind person.
He helped his students and their families when they needed his help. This was above and beyond the duties of a Principal. May Hashem bless him and his entire family.
May Hashem comfort Rabbi Goldstein's family. He will always stay fondly in my memory. May Hashem reward him and his family for all the help and kindnesses he has done for others. Reply

Anonymous March 9, 2013

Thank you Rabbi Goldstein My hearing impaired son enjoyed Rabbi Goldstein's story tapes and could retell them verbatum. Rabbi Goldstein enunciated every word which is so important for a child with a hearing impairement. A few years ago, I phoned Rabbi Goldstein to thank him for all the knowledge he imparted to my son. Rabbi Goldstein shared with me that he received a bracha from the Rebbe that he will be able to touch the hearts of children with his stories. May the family be comforted. Reply

Alter 11213 March 9, 2013

A Legendary chossid! I will never forget him.

his impact on generations of children is a testament to the Rebbe's greatness to inspire and make giants and leaders out of his talented chasidim! Reply

Anonymous March 8, 2013

a word from a simple grandchild of his we will miss you zeide, but not for long cuz MOSHIACH is pretty much around the corner!! Reply

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