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Rockets Claim Two More Lives in Israel

Rockets Claim Two More Lives in Israel

Yosef Partok, who was killed in a rocket attack on Tuesday
Yosef Partok, who was killed in a rocket attack on Tuesday

The ongoing barrage of missiles from Gaza killed a soldier and a civilian in Israel on Tuesday, bringing the death toll in Israel to five over the last week.

In a day of mounting attacks, Jerusalem residents fled to safety rooms when IDF radar tracked missiles approaching the city, and two rockets landed just south of Jerusalem. More than 100 missiles fell in the south during the morning and early afternoon, and Israel continued to pound targets in Gaza during the day, against a backdrop of international efforts to achieve a cease-fire.

IDF soldier Yosef Partok, 18, was killed when rockets were fired at a kibbutz on which he was was stationed near the Israel-Gaza border. Five soldiers were injured in the attack. The fallen soldier grew up the West Bank town of Emmanuel.

Partok was the fourth Israeli to be killed since Operation Pillar of Defense began last week. A Bedouin man who worked for the Defense Ministry was also killed as rockets from Gaza pounded the south. Three residents of the southern town of Kiryat Malachi died in a rocket strike on their home last Thursday.

Throughout Israel and across the globe, tens of thousands men, women and children continued to take on additional commitments to prayer, Torah study and acts of kindness as protection for Israeli citizens and troops, with Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries and institutions around the world leading many of these efforts. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter were filled with calls to spiritual action.

To learn more, visit our SPECIAL SECTION: Israel – Operation Pillar of Defense.

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