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Oprah Winfrey Visits N.Y. Chasidic Families in New Series

Oprah Winfrey Visits N.Y. Chasidic Families in New Series


Oprah Winfrey, in New York as part of a new television series, “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” that premieres in January, visited the neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Borough Park and Brooklyn Heights for a glimpse into the daily life of Chasidic Jews and how their intense spiritual devotion informs and strengthens their dealings with the outside world.

Winfrey sat down with two families as part of her visit, enjoying a traditional meal as well. She also discussed communal affairs with five women and toured a Chabad-Lubavitch run Jewish ritual bath, known as a mikvah, in Brooklyn Heights.

A departure from the talk show format that propelled her rise to stardom, “Oprah’s Next Chapter” will air on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. According to producers, it will focus on her journeys outside the studio as she takes conversations with real people, newsmakers, celebrities and thought leaders to a new level.

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Anonymous Stony Brook, NY February 12, 2012

Think its Great I am a conservative Jew who practices some more traditional observances. I go to a Chasidic synagogue and am very close wtih our Rabbi and his extended family. Their calm happy ways are an example to me and my friends. Yet, I often wonder what goes on behind close doors; not from a negative voyeristic place but from a "how do they do it" place. I think this show idea is phenomenal. Reply

natali argentina, argentina February 6, 2012

channel On what TV channel is it gonna be? Reply

Rivkah Alpharetta, ga November 11, 2011

Not just Education for Non-Jews I hope this show will also teach non observant Jews the beauty of our observances and not be critical of their fellow Jews who are observant. Sometimes I think we are our own best enemy Reply

Anonymous Joburg, South Africa October 31, 2011

Don't panic! Maybe this is a good thing. We complain constantly about people's ignorance regarding the jewish way of life. I believe the more the non-jews learn about judaism and jews, the better it is for everyone concerned. Knowledge brings understanding. Isn't that what we want with the non-jews? Reply

Catherine NY, NY October 30, 2011

Oprah I hope she gave a gigantic donation!! Reply

Anonymous brooklne, ma October 29, 2011

Mistake? I think you need not be so cynical. As far as my impression of Oprah goes, the utmost attempt of respect will be exercised. If something comes out as less than respectful, I don't think it would be intentional. At that point, anyone is free to respond in order to rectify the misunderstanding. Perhaps you could write to her and voice your concerns. Reply

Susan Levitsky October 26, 2011

Big mistake Oprah doesn't care about accuracy, just ratings. I would not trust her to present this the way you want. The community should have said no. Reply

Ruth Amber Gristak brooklyn, ny October 26, 2011

OMG - I gave them that idea! I had no idea they were using that idea, I wish they would have told me they picked it up Reply

MOM Toronto, Canada October 26, 2011

OWN That sounds like such a great show...I'm definitely gonna watch it! Reply

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