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Children of War

Children of War

A tribute to our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.


Children of War: A tribute to our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

Music; Song

Children of War - חמל

Hebrew words…

And the synagogues are all filled with orphans
From the innocent, the holy and the loved
Oh Hashem have mercy from above
On the children, the children that you love

Hebrew words…

Oh when, oh when will that day come
Oh Hashem have mercy from above
On the children who’s parents gave their blood

Hebrew words…

For soon, for soon that day will come
How it always seems to be the darkest
Right before the light of the morning sun

Chaim Fogelman's name has become synonymous with meaningful Jewish music. Since making his first recording at the age of 9, Chaim has entertained crowds around the world. He has made concert appearances across the United States, as well as in England, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Argentina, and Russia.
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Victoria Ovejero Tucuman via February 28, 2016

Israeli soldiers we are proud of you! Reply

Richard Lennard Glasgow July 22, 2015

intrafamily conflict It is an intrafamily conflict. This what makes the conflict so intense ! Reply

Shoshanna Pa-17110 July 19, 2015

Actually anyone who properly studies Torah will see that the palestinians are our you not remember when the tribes split? Of course they do horrible things and we have no reason to regard them as family but they are. We all are. We are all descendants of Avraham and Sarah. Remember that. Not taking side here but actually Anonymous is right. About them being family anyways. The rest I'm not so sure. But hey I'm only 14 what do I know... don't be hating on me though because of this comment. Reply

Anonymous Surrey UK July 21, 2013

Palestinians are not family of the Jews as stated by the above, family do not do what the Palestinians do to the Israelis,..they are creatures of the night who kill and murder under the blanket of darkness, they teach their children the self same hatred they have in their hearts against the Israelis. Where do you find family who slits the throats of babies? children? The Parent farmers? No, the Palestinians are not family and never will be. Reply

Mr. william patterson August 18, 2012

This brought tears t my eyes... when I see men, women, & children fighting just for a chance to survive & live in their own land that G-d gave to them. When I see the crying of soldiers and such intense saddness & pain, my heart goes out them. If I could only be there to share their burden.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Ps.122:6 Reply

Wendy Davita Rosen Los Angeles, CA November 23, 2011

Response to anonymous A tribute to the Palestinians? Half my family is dead thanks to the terrorist network's unceasing hatred of all things Jewish. As a result of liberal left-wingers, I also didn't get to raise my remaining living children. Anonymous, what kind of tribute would you ask a Jewish mother to make for the Palestinian cousins who only want to slaughter us? I think you are a little misguided, and not living in reality. Reply

Anonymous London, England December 23, 2010

children as victims of war How about ' a tribute to our brothers, sisters and cousins in the middle east'. Our cousins, being the Palistenian children. They are family as well. Reply

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