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And I believe, you’re listening to me. And I believe, you’re standing here with me…

I Believe

I Believe


I Believe

And I believe, you’re listening to me. And I believe, you’re standing here with me…
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I Believe

I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower
And I’ve seen Trafalgar Square
I’ve seen the sun rise on the ocean
And I know that you are there
From our holy land Israel
To the Jewish plight we all know so well
I know you are there
And I know, I know you care

Horrified, we watched the Towers fall
As my soul froze somehow
I wondered G‑d where are you now?
But as the people ran in fear
I know you were standing there
And as our heroes went to die
I think I heard you start to cry

And I believe, you’re listening to me
And I believe, you’re standing here with me
And the footprints in the sand, oh no they’re not from me
I believe they’re all from you my G‑d, when you carried me

The storms in our life
They come riding in like the wind
And turn us inside out
Just to fill our hearts with doubt
But you’re my strength, you’re my power
You’re my hero, you’re my tower
You’re my life-line in the sea
And it’s you who carries me


Chaim Fogelman's name has become synonymous with meaningful Jewish music. Since making his first recording at the age of 9, Chaim has entertained crowds around the world. He has made concert appearances across the United States, as well as in England, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Argentina, and Russia.
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Songs of Israel Salina February 19, 2015

Does it not want to make you be able to sing this from the housetops. Yes, Ani Maamin Reply

Esti Buffalo Grove December 21, 2014

wow Very inspiring!!!!!!!! Reply

Norma Haney November 15, 2014

Re:Song I Believe A beautiful soul stirring song of peace & the love of the one true God! Thank you for the encouragement! God is good! Reply

Anonymous September 4, 2014

I've been so touch by this song I Believe, that I had to pause for a few minutes I couldn't stop crying. I know G-d eyes are over us and we're very bless. Reply

jeannette TN USA January 31, 2014

I Believe, How Beautiful It's so wonderful. It reminds us how much our creator loves us and provides for us. Reply

Ramon Caraballo February 23, 2013

Beauty of music Excelent song!! Reply

Anonymous Australia February 14, 2013

this song is a strong comfort in times of trouble Reply

victoria tucuman June 2, 2012

I Believe Yes I believe, you’re standing here with me Reply

Anonymous macon, MO May 18, 2012

Still Sing ging Today I sing this with You! I feel Him in this Song and Music- Thank you!! I luvit! Reply

Anonymous Erode , India February 13, 2012

Beautiful Song This song touch me lot and its song of hope. I too Believe in this songs. Thanks Reply

Dorothy clark Albuquerque, nm February 5, 2012

Love your music This song warm,s your heart. And bring,s peace to your soul. Thank you so much. Reply

Donna Stern-Ritch February 3, 2012

LOVE THIS SONG It truely is a Jewish Anthem, I Believe ,is a beautiful song. As I listened I know that G-d is watching over us, it brought tears to my eyes. I am Proud of my Jewish Heritage and felt this song in my Heart. We are all truely blessed, live each day to the fullest and always remember To Believe. This song made me think of Angels and how strong we really are. It really hit home for me also in a real personal way. Reply

chemdah tel-aviv, Israel January 23, 2012

I believe bs"d
Lovely! certainly the Jewish anthem!
note the word care in 'creation', amazing! Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny June 6, 2011

beautiful! where can i purchase this song??? Reply

gen Bacolod, Philippines April 2, 2011

The lyrics so aptly depicts how our creator cares for his creation...enough to carry him through all the tough times.... Reply

Mavis Drake Santa Cruz\\\\\\\\, CA USA September 2, 2010

I Believe Beautiful! music and lyrics! Reply

Svetlana Winnipeg, Canada September 4, 2009

Perfect song! This song is very imressive and touching heart.It is really could be the Jewish anthem, it depicts our strong connection to our Creator.I liked it very much! Reply

Anonymous thornhill, Canada August 23, 2009

love your music love your music!!! this song is gorgeous!! music and lyrics- love it
thanks Reply

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