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An address by Senator Joe Lieberman at an evening commemorating the Lubavitcher Rebbes’s fifteenth yahrtzeit—anniversary of passing (June 29, 2009 - Philadelphia, PA).

Reflection on the Rebbe by Senator Joseph Lieberman

Reflection on the Rebbe by Senator Joseph Lieberman

Commemorating the Rebbe’s 15th Yahrtzeit

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Linda Longueuil, quebec January 2, 2011

good average lecture. Reply

Anonymous Chicago August 31, 2010

I have deep respect for the Rebbe. Personally, I have little respect for the values, political integrity, and actions of Lieberman. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan July 9, 2009

It is such an inspirational speech, Senator, but Judaism is not an ancient value, it was, is, and will be alive and living.
And praying is also important. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan July 7, 2009

More than thank you Senator for sharing your encounters with Lubavitch. And Lubavitch, thank you for sharing this film. His message "'with faith and confidence' 'each our own way' 'every second' appreciate our life and serve HaShem " - so impressive, inspiring and encouraging. I have received an ammunition to face the challenges I am having and will have. Thank you. Reply

samuel koch albany July 5, 2009

the rebbe and chabad are just amazing!
great speech. very good point. Reply