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Meet Alan Veingrad. Offensive lineman. Green Bay Packer. Dallas Cowboy. Champion of Super Bowl XXVII.

The Story of NFL Offensive Lineman Alan Veingrad

The Story of NFL Offensive Lineman Alan Veingrad

From Football to Faith


Click here to watch a video of Alan sharing his pro-football experiences.

Click here to read an article about his fascinating life story.

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Discussion (5)
April 16, 2013
Wow. What a great guy. I'm a Saints fan hence naturally don't like the Cowboys, but now there's one exception in Shlomo :-)
katrin p.
August 20, 2012
I never knew this... Very good.
Green Bay, WI
February 10, 2010
It feels good to hear of a man who goes from football to faith, and sticks to it. His soul is rising every day with real joy and peace, he is very lucky to have found his new venture. Shlomo mazel tov you should spread this inspiration to all, AMEN AMEN!
Avrum Horowitz
Montreal, Canada
January 27, 2010
Just Amazing!
It's amazing how he became an observant Jew!
North Miami Beach, FL
July 2, 2009
Alan is a great neshama!
I have been privileged to meet Alan/Shlomo at the Chabad of Plantation in FL. He really is a heck of a neshama! to see how a person can come back to judaism all the way is really beautiful!
Plantation, FL
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