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The Worlds of Emanation & Chaos

Theories of Everything - Part 9


The Worlds of Emanation & Chaos : Theories of Everything - Part 9

The highest world of Atzilut introduces a unique "G-dly" dimension to reality. Beyond that lies the realm of primordial chaos, source of the "Shattering of the Vessels."
The Worlds of Emanation & Chaos
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Tuesday Devin July 30, 2017

What is the reference of scripture from the prophets for I will resemble the One on High? Reply

Hany MTL, CA March 7, 2012

The Masters of Truth Interesting and Luminating. I was pondering this matter from the Bahir that Equates TOHU with Fire/Confusion/ Gevurah and also Evil or the (Stem of Evil./ Arising from the NORTH !..surely this is a complex and esoteric matter albeit one that is a very interesting one nonetheless Reply

Hany Montreal, QC/Ca August 27, 2010

Thanks for illuminating the subject and giving more information about Kabbalistic Knowledge of Truth.
Great speaker! Reply