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An understanding of G-d's Four-Letter Name offers a possible synthesis of two heretofore irreconcilable theories -- Quantum Theory and the Theory of Relativity.

Unified Field Theory

Unified Field Theory

Theories of Everything - Part 1

Rabbi Asher Crispe is the Executive Director of, celebrating the convergence between contemporary arts and sciences and Torah thought. He is a world-renowned lecturer on Chassidic and Kabbalistic philosophy.
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Discussion (44)
February 22, 2015
you rock rabbi, wish there were more like you
colchester ct
February 22, 2015
A Different Viewpoint
Though of course as Kabbalah teaches "In the year (corresponding) to 1840, God would open the floodgates of wisdom of above and below and converge in anticipation of the Moshiach" hence there is correlation as Rabbi Crispe attempts to demonstrate - the actual facts are: a. Einstein did not (with his pretty good brain) discover the unified field theory! b. string theory is a complete conjecture! (as Rabbi Crispe alludes to) and perhaps most importantly, as Kabbalah teaches, there is no unifying point to the disparate elements (not to say, certain elements have no unity, but the idea that all elements can be mapped into a single equation) except for their unified purpose! - in other words, creation may very well be different elements made by one God for an overarching purpose (similar to e-pluribus-unum)
November 15, 2012
G_d has a profound, sense of humor: The everything bagel" ... Einstein's bagel company
I see totally and have for the longest time that our quotation marks closely resemble YOD YOD. Do you see this? As to the HEI as in the two semi circular marks that are also for hei, you must see that this is the same as our iconographic depiction of the ear of what is emitted, as in many diagrams we use without thinking of this as Hei. And there is of course HEI in the English word Heifer, as in, the RED HEIFER. As to breakdown, in the deconstruction of language, moving across Babel, I am demonstrating, on line, the congruencies inherent across the languages of the world. I do it, with letters, about the Hebrew letters. You are right! There is something quite amazing, that is explicit in my life, and what I do is, share this, as best I can. We can approach unity everywhere because this unity exists in all things, all Creation, as you say, the letters are One and all things they represent, are ONE. Perhaps it takes a profound journey of soul to get to this profound place.
ruth housman
marshfield hills, ma
November 15, 2012
Excellent Explanation!
This is an excellent summary of these many different theories! I learned a lot about the Jewish language and Kabbalah, which I did not know. Thank you for sharing! I believe that there are many different methods of expressing these ideas which have been dependently and independently developed, discovered and revealed according to God's plan, whichever version of the description of God you happen to believe in. It's always refreshing to hear a point of view you aren't very familiar with! I am a little confused, though, about God's name. I thought that God's oldest name was, (spelled phonetically in English) Yaweh. Please pardon my misunderstanding, but I would like to understand if I may. Are you describing a different name for the same entity or are you describing the characters in the Hebrew alphabet? How would you spell this name, that you have described, in the English language?
February 9, 2012
4 in 1
Shalom and Thank you Rabbi Asher,
As you were explaining the unifying of the 4 forces, I could not help but think of the 4-pronged Shin on the Rosh Tefillin. Is this related?

I just noticed above that "rick" in sacramento asked a similar question. Can't wait to hear your answer.

Blessings for many long years of study, teaching, Torah and mitzvot.

Ms. Dvora Schoenfeld-Fairfield
February 8, 2012
1) Unification did not begin with Einstein. Maxwell in 1820 unified electriciy and magnetism, Newton, Kepler, and Galileo in the 1500's and 1600's unified planetary and terrestrial motion and gravity. And so on, going all the way back to the greeks and egyptians.

2) Quantum mechanics is not limited to "small", and general relativity is not limited to "large". You have quantum mechanical phenomemon in astronomical sized objects, and general relativity at the scale of the planck length.

3) The rest is just ridiculous, he takes a body of physical theory, that he clearly does not understand, juxtaposes it with some bunch of "spirituality" that ln no small part comes form his own head, and pretends to see connections.
princeton, nj
February 7, 2012
Horray Rabbi--You rock! I love both science and religious Truth, and there is room for both in my life. At this moment, my world--my life is richer for you and this lecture.
Please, more--when ever you can.
Many Blessings.
Sharon Lockwood-Habram
Tucson, AZ
August 29, 2011
String Theory
WHO is pulling the strings here? I think on Chabad there are many people in the "know". I have recently been reading Physics books and have a book beside me as I open this particular blog: For the Love of Physics, Walter Lewin. This beloved physics teacher begins his book discussing the Holocaust and the deep ramifications for his family as he was in the Netherlands as a child.

I do believe this symphony has a conductor, and this poses deep problems for us all in the analysis of free will and determinism. And so again strings, and a story about instruments of, the Divine.

I think the answer we will all get will propel us into another state of consciousness and I feel it's coming.

Note that the Neolithic people, developed a truly Master Computer at Stonehenge. This too I have been reading about, and physics has confirmed the astonishment of this, their ability to totally predict eclipses around the world.

Yes, a theory of ONE. Why not, it's in the Shema itself.
ruth housman
marshfield hills, ma
August 26, 2011
e8 theory
any connection to the fact that e8 theory posits that there are 248 strings. Nefesh HaChayim says that we affect the higher worlds by our mitzvas - obvious correlation to the 248 positive commandments. Also, e8 uses fractal geometry and is easier and more symetric than superstring. You thoughts on this are appreciated. Thx
jerusalem, il
January 30, 2011
I knew at once that string theory was on to something profound after my first exposure. The Universe is made of Music. A truth known to every musician.
FL, 34772