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Four paradigms for the archetypical marital relationship are expounded from a single Torah verse.

Adam and Chava: The First Relationship

Adam and Chava: The First Relationship

Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 1

Adam and Chava
Topics: Eve, Adam, Marriage
Rabbi Asher Crispe is the Executive Director of, celebrating the convergence between contemporary arts and sciences and Torah thought. He is a world-renowned lecturer on Chassidic and Kabbalistic philosophy.
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Discussion (9)
August 18, 2016
How does this relate to situations of abuse?I hope that people receiving abuse don't tell themselves that they have to be all for the other person and that they just have to go along with things as they are.
November 3, 2010
to and fro....
Thank you Rabbi for your great explanations in this interpersonal relationships.

I liked it very much and it does make you think over again and open your eyes for the other person in your life again.
altenstadt/WN, Bavaria/Germany
October 7, 2010
Kabbalistic Philosophy?
Please forgive me, but what is "Kabbalistic Philosophy"? (the subject of your many excellent lectures) It seems to be an oxymoron since The Sages dispensed with philosophy, we do not speculate about states we have not attained. and once attained there is no need for it. (philosophical speculation)

Please do not misunderstand, I like Philosophy, but Kabbalah and Philosophy have never been friends.

Disclosing one concealing two... Shalom!
Paul J
Huntsville, Alabama
October 6, 2010
So where does my compulsion to tie my husband to a chair to listen to this fit into your schematic? JK........but truly, this was fantastic, I think I should listen to it, at least, once a month, if not more often.
Riverdale, NY
October 5, 2010
You are young enough so you can carry the all "past" without personal experience. If one put it on your intelligence, the result is as we can receive. I'm almost your pupil. Now I'm 63 & I my life is located in Poland.
Lodz, Poland
October 4, 2010
Back to Genesis for Truth
This is greatly insightful psychology; better than a therapist. Gave me a lot of insight on my life of basically being a loner and why my 8 year marriage failed.
5 Stars.
marc weinstein ~ California
Yuba City, CA
September 28, 2010
Adam and Chava
It is a great film, and an excelent explanation about the relationship betwen a woman and men, an also the film explain that anyone must be alone in life. Great....
goldy mila málaga lewkowicz. mammy and daddy
rio de janeiro, RJ
September 27, 2010
I needed this
Thank you for spotlighting this issue with Kabbalistic interpretation. I needed this kind of class.
Tokyo, Japan
September 27, 2010
Adam and Chava: The First Relationship
Thanking G-d for making a helper is really not enough. i thank G-d for getting me some help, period. Like the old saying goes i could use all the help i can get. For the most part being alone is not mentally healthy either. Talking to yourself just doesn't get anything resolved. Great class i need to get up and get out for some fresh air.
Mr. Richard Raff
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