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No person is “broken” or ready to be discarded. Each of us is valuable, and has a valuable contribution to make to our world.

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Make Your Mark

No person is “broken” or ready to be discarded. Each of us is valuable, and has a valuable contribution to make to our world.
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No person is “broken” or ready to be discarded. Each of us is valuable, and has a valuable contribution to make to our world.

Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Sue Woods Crivitz, WI April 8, 2014

White crayon Is there really a (1) place to shine? A best place to be? I have either found many gardens to grow parts of me or I have never found the right ground to root myself in.
I feel somewhat like a crystal hanging in a window always reaching for the sun spinning in the breeze. 65 years worth of too much air & fire not enough earth. Still no roots except my art. You are inspiring. I still search for balance. Reply

Miriam Colorsdo November 5, 2013

Comforting video This beautiful video brought so much comfort to me. Everything about it, from the music, message, and sweet simpleness of the setting brought a peace to my soul. Thank you, Chana, for inviting all of us to be in touch. You are truly inspiring. Reply

Joseph Rockford, IL December 31, 2010

CHANA'S PERSPECTIVE What a charming simple story with such a deep meaning. Life is so much an attitude. We all take so much for granted and do not appreciate that in every situation there is a perspective that we can derive positivity and good. We have all so often complain and forget our blessings. The lesson of the Exodus where the Jews forgot what G-D had done for them again and again is a reminder that we have to see everything in perspective. What have you done for me lately? is the modern day equivalent. Or this is useless rather than how can it be used to best advantage. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, MA December 30, 2010

she is, a butterfly! about transformation Dear Chana, I noticed the butterflies that do most beautifully decorate your daughter's top as she is crayoning, white on white. Your beautiful story is a profound metaphor for sure, of the need to reverence all creation, meaning within, even the most apparently broken of souls, is Divinity itself, and even in these pages, to read about sinners and saints, there is actually no difference, because we are all of us in this together. And for those who do feel less than worthy, we have others who do support and succor those who feel fallen, but we do need those who fall to pick up. It's all, as with crayons, a hands on experience.

We often look outside and see the trees but do not focus on the white spaces, what is in between, as in art, and these spaces are equally important. There is an arrow buried within the UPS truck sign, in the white spaces, and it is easy not to see it. I do deeply believe the arrow in UP is entirely about LOVE itself.

As always you glow! Reply

Susan Diamond Wheeling, Il via June 12, 2009

well said Thank you a great video. Wonderful and important message, delivered beautifully. Reply

Esther Dukesz June 11, 2009

Chana Weisberg I have one complaint about this video.
I would like it to be way longer, as it is always to my great pride and joy, to hear/see the thoughts of Mrs. Weisberg Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan June 11, 2009

After I met Chabad I had a bad habit. I was going back to my ex-boyfriends. After receiving Chabad teaching, after my background was changed, I am happy to tell you that now I can easily kick off seduction from the past. I am not broken. Reply

Anonymous India June 9, 2009

Judaism is hope This short video including your daughter was very comforting; some of us who are in distress in life need these kind of insights into a proper family. In this present day and age proper families are few and those are found in Judaism. Let us see more videos including your family members. I am a distressed soul because I've grown old and selfish. I look up to Judaism, but I'm unfortunate to be a product of Christianity, which is the source of all my present distress. When I see you, I hope with all intensity that Hashem will protect you from all the mental distress that can come upon a person in life and you will remain strong to be a light to help others. I am in a situation in life where I am cared for by others and have no money to give as charity. What would you suggest as a start to be Jewish and do mitzvahs for someone like me? Reply

Anonymous June 9, 2009

I needed that! I opened this wonderfully written article at the perfect time( of course)! Thank you indeed! I immediately sent it to one of my dear friends, who right now is thinking she is broken...Changing your own frame of reference is very important , especially in this time of exile. Our vision had been clouded by imposed limitations, and we need to clear our eyes, and see the possibilities. ( bring on the black, blue and green paper, too!) Reply

Melissa Fort Kent, ME June 9, 2009

Beautiful! I just loved that. It's easy to remember the idea of the white crayon and white paper, then white crayon and pink paper. Thank you!

Sometimes just the smallest changes can make the set of circumstances different so that we can make an impact. Reply

chana weisberg June 9, 2009

Becoming Unstuck Susan, becoming unstuck, and finding the change that we need, is probably one of the most difficult things facing all of us.
I think "anonymous" hints at how to do that when she writes that we so often blame. When we are in situation in which we really are not thriving, we tend to blame--either ourselves, our parents, spouse, children, siblings, friends, boss, society, or any number of people around us and make them responsible for our situation and our happiness.
Imagine if we could just look at our circumstance objectively-- that no one is to be blamed for it, but it is just a challenge presented to us, to discover growth. Without all this baggage of blame, we might even find solutions!
Wouldn't life become so much more colorful? Reply

Anonymous Amersfoort, Netherland June 9, 2009

pink paper When we look with pink glasses, everythink looks more colorful! Chana you make my day also more colorful, beautiful, thankyou!
It realy touched me because this adds to my perspective of live, I am sure I will use this moshal in my live. Sometimes it's not "our fault" so dont blame yourself but change the background... then we are not broken anymore... Reply

Susan Barth Bet Shemesh, Israel June 9, 2009

mission in life Thank you Chana for this insight into change - the hardest part of changing circumstances is finding the key to unlock the inertia that seeped into your body in the interim - getting "unstuck" is the challenge and then once one does hopefully the necessary creative impulses will follow. What suggestions do you have in becoming unstuck? Reply

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