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1. Put A Smile On Your Face

1. Put A Smile On Your Face


1. Put A Smile On Your Face

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Put a Smile on Your Face

David had the toughest hands that you’ve ever felt
He always had a hammer and nails hanging on his belt
All night long you can hear him working hard
Fixing the floor-boards in the little old synagogue.

And he never had a cent and he never had a home
And I was told he lived all alone.
With his rumpled ragged clothes he was always out of place
But you never would have known it from the smile on his face.

David had a smile and a twinkle in his eye
David had something that money just can’t buy
He loved to serve Hashem, he always sang a song
He only saw the good in all and never saw the wrong.

Sammy was an athlete, boy can he run fast
You should’ve seen him on the mile dash.
His heart was set to win the medal made of gold
He trained for miles in the heat and the cold.

And on that fateful day Sammy ran the best he could
But the race didn’t turn out the way he hoped it would.
As his dream slipped away he came in second place
But you never would have known it from the smile on his face.

Sammy had a smile …

Put a smile on your face…

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Laiba July 16, 2017

Awesome Reply

jacob wu china January 11, 2017

very good song,please write more english lyrics songs Reply

Marina M Covington, WA October 17, 2012

Awesome I was looking for some inspirational spiritual songs thanks it was awesome. Reply

Carmen September 4, 2009

I must stop listening! It's too moving!
These songs remind me the stories in Jewish children books-they are always very moving and contain a spark that touches deeply one's soul. Reply

Anonymous Emek Haale, Israel September 1, 2009

Smile On Your Face-Chaim Dear Chaim,
I wanted to share with you a brief anecdote as per your song. I just had a long conversation with my son in which he expressed his fustration regarding his first day in a new "special" school and having by necessity leave his classmates in our town.
I attempted to temper his dysphoric mood with all the right answers while simultaneously feeling fustrated myself that I couldn't hug & kiss him which of course would serve to facilitate his internalizing my words. You see I work in the diaspora while living in a town in the Land of Israel.
By Divine Providence, immediately after speaking with him I opened my E-mail and found your song .It brought tears to my eyes while paradoxically eliciting immense joy as I sent this to him via e-mail asking my wife to translate your words to Hebrew.
May G-d bless you with a year of boundless joy in the merit of using your gift of song for the benefit of the Jewish nation Reply

Uri June 7, 2009

Chaim; I thank you for putting a smile back on my face Reply

chaya June 4, 2009

i think ill do that i jsut was in a bad mood and im very happy to say that this song defently cheered me up!
thanks chaim fogelman! Reply

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