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Is our relationship with G-d predicated solely on "obedience" or is there something else at play as well? On the significance on the mitzvah

Getting Closer

Getting Closer

Topics: Mitzvah
Rabbi Manis Friedman, a noted Chassidic philosopher, author and lecturer, is dean of Bais Chanah Women's Institute of Jewish Studies.
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Discussion (7)
October 15, 2013
Rabbi Friedman's genius
is a cause for Celebration. I bet the Heaven does and we do our share here.
September 5, 2013
This was only 5 minutes long, yet, it was one of the most profound messages I have ever heard. Thank you Rabbi Friedman!
Timothy Pantages
September 12, 2011
the Truth
Thank you dear Rabbi Friedman for explaining something so important, that always puzzled me. Now I see mitzvas as a means to be closer to Hashem more than pure commandements from Him, and this sounds really right to me, a simple concept based on the infinite love G-d feels for us, but - at the same time - a truth very well conceived from our human and limited sight. Thank you a lot.
Elena Ester Rivka Gadagnini
Brescia, italy
February 11, 2010
the word "close"
It's interesting that close is a word that has two meanings, in English, because to be close to another is to share something deep, and to close the door on another is its opposite.

I do perceive that words have a dual meaning as cruel and crewel, and that running through language there is this dichotomy.

I feel deeply that I am very close to the Source, to the Divine, and it's not about the laws of kashrut, because for me personally, it's not what God is asking and I can say, I am close, and I feel a very personal shared love that's powerful and follows me all the days of my life.

We can have a personal relationship to God and it will differ, as we differ, the one way does not preclude the other.

As praise is to prays so it is, I feel Divinity every step of the way, and love is something that cannot be commanded but it is, in deep ways, earned and learned. And if it is a need, it will be satisfied, because God was lonely and God created a world and wants us, and needs us.
ruth housman
marshfield hills, ma
February 10, 2010
Thank you!
I really enjoyed this video.

I love celebrating Shabbat and I'm so glad it was used as an example of how to get become to our creator.

May we all draw closer to G-d.

Thank you Rabbi Friedman.
February 7, 2010
Thank you
Dear Rabbi Friedman,

I have been trying so hard how to explain to my husband how beautiful it is to be closer to G-d but I have been going about it the wrong way. Thank you for showing me the way with such an amazing and clear explanation. G-d willing, he will understand and WANT to be closer to G-d.
coconut creek, fl
October 30, 2009
Rabbi Friedman is absolutely brilliant here! A beautiful explanation that brings great clarity to the whole notion of submission and surrender to G-d. G-d has invited me into an intimate relationship. He tells me how I can draw closer to Him. Thank you!
Laura Ellen Truelove
Sewanee, TN, USA
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