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Rabbi Yossy Goldman, one of South Africa’s most prominent pulpit rabbis, explores the old/new question: Why the Jews? This talk was part of a symposium on anti-Semitism in Johannesburg, SA.

Anti-Semitism Again?!

Anti-Semitism Again?!

Are we Paranoiac or is it a Pandemic?


Anti-Semitism Again?!: Are we Paranoiac or is it a Pandemic?

Rabbi Yossy Goldman, one of South Africa’s most prominent pulpit rabbis, explores the old/new question: Why the Jews? This talk was part of a symposium on anti-Semitism in Johannesburg, SA.
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Ben December 22, 2012

Wow, great stuff I love listening to this (again and again).
Why, oh why do you not have MORE of Rabbi Goldman's audio/video for us???? Reply

Ellie Toronto, Canada August 25, 2009

Thank you! What a fantastic lecture. As someone who is a product of an interfaith marriage, I've camoflauged quite well into groups where this topic was discussed, and those involved assuming there were no Jews among them. It was said that that "Jews stick to themselves and look down on everyone else as "goy"". I bit my tongue, as the Jew (mother is Jewish) among them. Only later on in my fourth year of undergrad studies did it become known that I was, in fact, born of a Jewish woman. Reply

Adrianna L. Cupertino, CA July 2, 2009

really enjoyed That was such a funny and inspiring lecture. My grandmother's family came from the pogroms in Russia, and my grandmother assimilated, she never told anyone outside the community she was Jewish. She told me, though, she did Shabbat dinner with me and she celebrated holidays with me, but in her home, almost in secrecy. My grandfather could chant torah and they both spoke Yiddish but I only know a few words. Because of anti-semitism that is still rampant in America, I only started to celebrate and embrace my Jewish identity in the last year. But I went to Israel with Taglit Mayanot, a Chabad trip leader just last month and it changed my life. Thank you to the Jewish community for making and Taglit available for young American Jews such as myself (I'm 25). Reply

Eric Monashkin Sunrise, FL May 10, 2009

Enjoyable and thoughtful Rabbi Yosi's comments and presentation were excellent.

However, one nitpick regarding Australia. If Anti Semitism in Australia and assimilation were as rampant as you stated the Former General of the Armies WW1 and Prime Minister Paul Monash (Jew) would not have been revered as He was. The leading University in Australia is Monash University.

To answer your rhetorical question: the Japanese were not just Anti Semitic, they were Anti anything or anyone not Japanese.

Thank you for your commentary to remind us of our Reason D'Etre Reply

Yosef Freedland Petah Tikvah, IL May 7, 2009

Yosef Goldman Speech Yosef --- well spoken, interesting and with a clear focus.

All the best,

"Jeff" one of your Chavrusa from Montreal Reply

A. Moore Spokane , Wa. May 6, 2009

accepting who we are and being proud I loved your comments, Anonymous from Canada-you are right on w/a sense of humor!!! Reply

JamesKimoRosen Kapaa, Hi. (USA) May 6, 2009

Reverse anti-semitism I actually see reverse anti-sentism on the island I reside in Hawaii (Kauai). During Passover the local grocery stores sell out of matzah the first few days it is put on the shelves. Mny christian sects are starting to do community seders and actually celebrate shabbat. Their theory is their lord was an orthodox Jew and they now want to learn as much about him as humanly possible. My non-jews friends are more into judaism than my Jewish friends Reply

cheryl houston, tx May 6, 2009

never again and treasured nation " It" could happen again because of evil in the world. The Rebbe did say so if you were listening. And yes, I believe there are evil forces as well as good ones. A light to the world...yes, but not just for the environment but for the moral and spiritual concerns of the world in which we live. Because there are other other dimensions and realms other than this one. Good and evil have always been at war and casualties occur to the innocent too often. Facts are indeed facts and some things are not easily explained. Some things either won't be or can't be explained in this time. And that is just a fact also. Reply

Anonymous Ottawa, Canada May 6, 2009

Accepting who we are and being proud. "We gave you the ten commandments; we gave you the bagel and the pretzel; we gave you Jesus and if it weren't for a Jewish doctor named Jonas Salk, you'd probably be in a wheel chair. If it wasn't for us, you'd probably still live in caves."

That's what I say when I encounter an Anti-Semite. And further more "If you don't like it, then kishmirintuches - check the Yiddish English dictionary." That's how I deal with them. Reply

Anonymous May 3, 2009

Never Again The Rebbe saids that G-d won't allow it to happen again.

What does that mean? He 'allowed' it once, didn't He? Reply

Steve Malta May 3, 2009

Treasured Nation ISRAEL most definitely is a treasured nation, but also a chosen one. We should not shy away from our calling as a light to the nations. Reply

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