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Welcome to M-Cast, where we take a look at topics in the weekly Torah portion and see how it relates to the coming of Moshiach.

M-Cast: Shemini

M-Cast: Shemini

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Anonymous Arizona, USA April 6, 2013

Talking about Kosher food, and the pig, appearing as Kosher but not being Kosher, reminds me of a doctor I had years ago. He used to say that, and I quote: "Every thing that is good is not good for you." So true. Some things may appear 'good' but are not in the inside. If we digest them will probably give us a sick vowel. And we might wish to end it all because of the pain and nauseated feeling. Avoiding toxic substances, as well as toxic people will save our lives. It is only a choice, and we can make the final decision. Thank you Reply

Mark Indovino March 31, 2012

I have to agree with Frumath Polasky about the musical backround.Some of the impulsive behavior spoken of here,particularly ADHD aquired by youngsters is in part due I believe to overexposure to sensual media.The best lecture I've heard on this site related to Kosher animals is"Kosher Identification" by R. Mendel Rivkin, New Orleans La. USA Reply

Frumeth Polasky April 17, 2009

I am glad that Chabad is bringing insights into the relationship of topics in the Parshah to the coming of Moshiach, but I don't think the Moshiach or the Torah needs all that musical background. Have a good Shabbos. Reply