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Sources like Maimonides and Zohar describe what life will be like during the utopian era of Moshiach.

Future Trends

Future Trends

Lesson One: Exponential Growth


Future Trends: Exponential Growth: Lesson One: Exponential Growth

Sources like Maimonides and Zohar describe what life will be like during the utopian era of Moshiach.
Future Trends 1

Spotlight on the exponential growth of medical utopias, including Jewish reflections on stem-cell research, nanotechnology, biogenetic engineering and radical life extension

What does Judaism have to say about the elimination of disease, the arresting and reversing of aging, and prospects for human immortality? How is the Torah concerned about the quality of life and the retention of life experience? What is the meaning of regeneration and revival of the dead? In this class we will cast the issues of longevity, health and healing, redemption from aging and death and the body 2.0, in the light of Jewish perspectives on the Messianic Age. Simultaneously, we will examine recent medical breakthroughs in the world of genetics, stem cells, and nanotechnology in the context of classical Jewish sources.

Rabbi Asher Crispe is the Executive Director of, celebrating the convergence between contemporary arts and sciences and Torah thought. He is a world-renowned lecturer on Chassidic and Kabbalistic philosophy.
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barry wicksman saipan December 5, 2012

relevant and meaningful lectures i thank Hashem for guiding me to your lectures since they encourages me to continue to delve into torah and jewish wisdom in the light of the exciting world of modern theoretical physics. Reply

ruth housman marshfield, ma February 24, 2011

could it be that there is something new in the air but that people are not yet quite getting it?

we go through a discovery process, and sometimes it is in slow accretion, and something, we take a great leap forward, as when we landed on the moon.

I am saying something is happening and I am reading about it on these pages.

It's not only for rabbis to intuit what is deep, but for us all, to enter together and entrance and the word that is a magical opening, is also entrance. Awe the uses of enchantment!

G_d can do anything, and I am seeing we are all of us about to experience something massive that will open up and entirely new era of understanding of what we are doing here. The old combines with the new, and something always here, but not quite, visible, comes into the fore. For us. For us all! Reply

roman lili baia mare, romania via February 23, 2011

This explanation is real excellent, it is very hopeful.Thank you Chabad
shalom Reply

Anonymous February 23, 2011

Gifted Rabbi Crispe is a tremendously gifted speaker. Crysal clear explanations. The subject matter is fascinating. As always: thank you Reply

Ester Tarnogol Buenos Aires, Argentina February 22, 2011

Exponential Growth This explanation of Rabbi Asher Crispe is real excellent, it is very hopeful, because links G-d to science in a great way. I have a granddaughter with de Down Syndrome and I wait always with expectation, the Rabbi will tell us about the advances in medicine, of the matter of the crazy chromosomes. Reply

Alex Linares Klein Longmont, Colorado/USA February 22, 2011

The Exponential Growth Great explanation, I am fascinated with the Jewish TV. I have one question that on the Torah, after the flodding of Noah, G-d promesed that he will never ever will cause the water to cover the earth. So how come we are still sufering with the flodd waters.
Thanks Reply

Ms. Ezza Amitai October 3, 2010

Awesome Times we live in! Dear Rabbi Crispe and Chabad worldwide,
The work you do and the knowledge you make available for us, for FREE, is astounding. Baruch HaShem, thank You G-d for Chabad.
I am truly fascinated by "Future Trends" and all things here at Jewish TV concerning Torah, prophesy and the breath-taking way that knowledge of our world aligns itself so harmoniously with Torah wisdom. I feel so fortunate to live in these times. We have seen the ingathering to Israel of some of those in galut; we have been privileged to see such amazing things as would be impossible to explain to someone born 150 years ago!
Blessed is the L-rd, for all His Ways are Righteous.
Thank you Chabad, for your profound chesed.
Shalom. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma July 8, 2010

The Miracle of Water When we reflect that word itself is about water, as in looking into a clear body of water and seeing into its depths. Water itself is a source of power, and it is curious that James WATT is so closely associated with hydro electric and that OHM, with conductivity and energy, because there is a word OM, that represents the power of voices, all singing in unison, as in that Buddhist chant.

I am saying we are exploring here a depth of understanding that has everything to do with a unitary creation, and that words themselves do contain the key.

As aleph is to ox thing about the word Ox ygen, and as love is to a series of ox and xes think about this too, The binding of hydrogen to oxygen creates water, this elemental substance that is for current, as days are also for current, and we are drawing, from the Source, as tributaries are to source and what gives tribute.

We are all of us plugged into that same power source, and it is true, that life is about MIRAR, wonder. All awe! Reply

Odelia Shmuelov Or Yehuda, Israel July 6, 2010

I'm swimming, but not drowning Thank you for that excellent explanation about the flood waters. I dreamt that 3/4 of the world would be under water and it scared me, but now I understand it was a mystical analogy of "the earth will be filled with knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the earth" Thank you for the dating and visuals, it really breaks it down and makes it tangible to understand! Reply

Walt Santiago, Chile July 5, 2010

Great Lecture! As said 70 years like one day. From the angle of exponential growth I can better understand such words and others about time. The meaning of the flood provides with a great insight about the flood of water of information. I wonder now if the rainbow mentioned in the flood could be somehow connected to the colours of multimedia. It is amazing how we are flooded and saturated with the ever growing waters of information and we use terms such a surfing in internet. The flood is very dangerous because whatever we write or publish may get lost in the depth of these waters, if the information is not properly protected. Thanks for sharing information of real value. Yasher Koyach! Reply