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A lively Chassidic nigun, in the style of Nigunei Simcha, that evokes spirited warmth in the heart of the listener.

2. Nodah B'yehudah

2. Nodah B'yehudah

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B. Mialich September 21, 2013

For a Brazilian, it sound very north american and jazzistic. Really talent on giving a niggun such caracteristcs. Reply

Gavreil May 20, 2013

Music is really good for the soul, and especailly when one has had a rather hard day, music is there to relax you, and take away the trouble of the day. Actully, I don't believe I could live without music Reply

Juliah Parnou Beirut , Lebanon August 18, 2011

Lovely! It fills the soul with joy. Thank you so much. Reply