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A carefree, joyous melody, dating from the time of the second Chabad Rebbe. It was originally sung by Chassidim as they traveled the road to the town of Lubavitch. Ailu Omrim: This moving melody, composed by early Chabad Chassidim, draws forth the message of the nigun: Contemplating repentance even in monuments of highest rapture. V'nislach: A poignant song from the Yom Kippur service, beseeching G-d to forgive the iniquities of His people. Zol Shion Zein: A spirited song set to words expressing our fervent hope that the redemption come soon and that we shall witness the realization of a perfect world in our lifetime. Chotsh Mi Chudi: A popular and lively Chabad tune.

1. The Kapeliah - Live in Concert

1. The Kapeliah - Live in Concert

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Robert Stuttgart, Germany February 22, 2012

Beautiful! Such music, G-d bless you! Reply

Chana Benjaminson New Bedford, MA July 20, 2011

Downloads These particular selections are not owned by us here at so we cannot provide downloads. You can click on the link above to purchase a CD. Reply

Mrs. linda nicholson July 19, 2011

this music i love it all so far, wished i could download it, what is the deal on that? Reply

shimon warszawski cleveland, OH March 18, 2011

love this niggun Reply

Rivka Ozersky September 4, 2010

PLEASE, where & can i get lots of this music? Do you play in live concerts where we could come hear you? do you have cds?
how can i hear more of this PLEASE??? Reply

Rivka Ozersky NY, USA August 5, 2010

awesome!!!! who are these musicians?!?!
where are they from?
I never heard before and i'm in tears brings back memories from another life i have idea of...

Please keep playing!
May G-d bless you with all your needs so you'll always be able to play more for all of us in Israel! Reply

Chava Docks Oak Park, MI February 14, 2010

music Love it!!! Thanks! Reply

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