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5. Hachayaynu Kel

5. Hachayaynu Kel


5. Hachayaynu Kel

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Joe Maxime Atlanta, Georgia November 20, 2011

niggun Hayom Yom states that a niggun cleanses ones' soul.
Some chassidic melodies have a greater effect than others, this one is definitely one of them. Thank you so much for posting. Reply

Jim Rook Martinsville, IN August 26, 2011

Meditate on G_d's Love and Victory I am so happy for others that can meditate and rejoice in the wonder of this music. Thank you both, Zalman Goldstein and Yaron Gershovsky. Reply

... Caracas, Venezuela August 26, 2011

beautiful Thanks for posting it, I've been ages looking for it since I heard it for the first time... could you post the lyrics of this too, 'cause I know they have.. thank you Reply

miri chicago January 24, 2011

beautiful just beautiful.. love it .. so calming . thank u for posting tihs music... Reply

Anonymous chicago, il August 24, 2010

gorgeous love this nigun (melody) Reply

Mr. Jim Rook March 28, 2010

Most Beautiful The glorious melody is to me the sound of holiness! Reply

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