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Eliyahu Hanavi

Eliyahu Hanavi

Elijah the Prophet

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אֵלִיָהוּ הַנָבִיא, אֵלִיָהוּ הַתִּשְׁבִּי, אֵלִיָהוּ הַגִלְעָדִי בִּמְהֵרָה יָבוֹא אֵלֵינוּ עִם מָשִׁיחַ בֶּן דָוִד

Eliyahu Hanavie, Eliyahu Hatishbi, Elyahu Hagiladi, Bimherah Yavo Elenu Im Mashiach Ben David.

Elijah the Prophet, Elijah the Tishbite, Elijah the Giladite, May he soon come to us, with Mashiach the son of David.

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Discussion (16)
February 11, 2016
Just curious, bought Avraham Fried's 'We Are Ready' (digital copy) today. It has extra lyrics, anyone know what they are? Apologies for my ignorance. The song brings a tear to my eye.
November 14, 2015
Very nicely done.
Very Good Music and clearly sung. It is relaxing to have this tune in your head during the day. Peaceful with strength.
February 13, 2014
I too think of this song and sing it to myself almost everyday. Why? Who knows.
Columbia, MD
February 1, 2014
@ Jb
If you haven't figured it out yet -- two years later -- the answer is this:
Bimaherah: In Haste
Yavo: He will bring
Aleinu: unto us
North North
March 23, 2013
I have been singing it everyday, It stays with me constantly!
April 9, 2012
Outstanding music...all of it.
key west, fl
April 6, 2012
What exactly does each word of bimherah yavo eleinu mean? Separately.
April 3, 2012
Made me cry
Tears are pouring from my eyes when I listen to Eliyahu Hanavi - something special in this song or it just me :)
Short Hills, New Jersey
April 2, 2012
Eliyahu Hanavi.
I grew up with this song and it brings back childhood and family memories.
surprise, AS
December 6, 2011
Songs of Israel
There is something special about this songs...They bring out the Spirit of G-d in us...I close my eyes and He takes hold of me....
George Jimenez
Escondido, Ca.-U.S.A.