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Two stick figures bound to a wheel... Up and down... But they learn a powerful lesson along with the ride...

The Wheel

The Wheel


The Wheel

Two stick figures bound to a wheel... Up and down... But they learn a powerful lesson along with the ride...

So, what I liked about the wheel quote is that it just put things in perspective. It didn't say that we don't have moments that are better or worse than others, it just says that there's a cycle, and maybe that perspective can help soften the blow. Or, maybe we can just relate to those dudes going through the cycle over an over again and still getting surprised each time.

But the really cool thing about the watering wheel analogy is something kind of subtle: The whole point of a watering wheel is to collect water from the river or whatever, and put it somewhere else where it can be used by people. So, if the buckets never get filled up, we never get the water out of the river. But if the buckets never empty, the water never gets distributed. And the buckets become useless.

So what is that purpose that our potentially frustrating cycle of wealth and poverty is serving? I tried to ask some economy experts what that means in economic terms, but I couldn't follow the answer. But honestly I’m not sure the answer will be the same for everybody. I'd love to hear your reactions...

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Anonymous Nj June 27, 2016

love the oh thing Reply

anonymous colonie new york, usa,NY via April 3, 2013

? why dose it go on and on and never stop? Reply

Edith USA November 27, 2012

enjoyed thank you… One could speculate the impact of the implied false fixation on "wealth" scenario, being replaced by the wheel transfer of constantly changing information; a stackable knowledge base wheel. Reply

Anonymous Paris, France May 3, 2012

Magnifique Formidable Reply

Jilimon Mexico, D. F. MEX April 26, 2012

Do you consider yourself rich or poor? There is a saying very popular in these lands of my forefathers that says as follows:

More is left to the rich when is impoverished than to the poor when is enriched.

My personal view is that being rich or poor is not important what really matters is to be happy; one way or the other. Reply

Parwinder Gill NYC, NY November 3, 2011

Funny This video is soo funny
I like the sound effects it is funny ha ha Reply

Gali Tel Aviv November 2, 2011

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Reply

Rorie Heart Houston, TX, USA November 1, 2011

I wonder if Mrs.Astor ever read this? The famously, fabulously wealthy New York socialite, had a similar and(seemingly new)attitude about her own " old money". She was fond of saying that money is like manure. It doesn't do any good unless you spread it around. I've always loved the idea of the ladylike, impeccably groomed, dressed, and coiffed Mrs. Astor allowing this poignant, vulgar statement to pass her Chanel-lined lips! This vignette made me picture her at some chic, upscale charity gala where she and the speaker for the cause (perhaps a Rabbi?) had a chance meeting during cocktail hour or trying to find the right ballroom in the hotel before the venue, neither one aware of who the other was, and they had one of those five-minute, airport- confession, change-your-life, conversations...

That's part of the brilliance of these vignettes...sometimes they inspire you to dream up your own vignette (and thanks to all who read this and indulged me in doing that) it reinforces the msg. Taub originally conveys. Reply

Gloria Neiswender Stamford, CT February 22, 2011

VERY NICE It is very nice and it happens, Reply

Miriam Denver, CO February 21, 2011

A Delight! Such a powerful lesson delivered in such a delightful and simple way! Ingenious! Reply

john smith fort lauderdale, fl February 19, 2011

a screensaver could you make this into a screensaver?

i was told a long time ago that its LOVE that make the world go around BUT its money...honey.... that greases the wheel.

everyday that i look at monetary policies in the US and around the world. i can see without a doubt that it is ALL one big experiment by the people who control and print money and that these same people are guessing thier way into the future. with G-d there is no guessing and always stablility with no chance of default or corruption. G-d laughs at those who try and create a world within his and claim it to be thiers all along. free will gives you the choice of whom to follow more closely. i know my choice. Reply

Anonymous st. paul, MN January 31, 2011

lol very, very cute Reply

Anonymous Blacksburg, VA October 25, 2010

LOL This had me giggling. I love the sound effects.

BTW, to the commenters who got their noses bent out of shape, this is a vignette. It is supposed to convey a simplified illustration of a basic concept. It is not supposed to be a fully nuanced intricate dissertation on the economy/society. IMO, just take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the humor/creativity. :)

P.S. Is it safe to assume no stick figures were harmed in the making of this film? Reply

Not everyone has it good. Bklyn, NY October 15, 2010

Some rich stay rich, some poor stay poor While it certainly is true that not everyone who is rich now will be rich in the future, and same for those who are poor now not all being poor in the future.
There are some who are born rich and stay rich all their lives.
There are some poor who despite their best efforts, never get rich (and in some cases can't even ever earn a decent living).
Some rich get that way by cheating others.
Some of those cheated, are never able to recover from it, especially when it causes a snowball effect where the poverty they are placed in, causes them to have one misfortune after another so they never have the slightest chance of improving their lot, they just die poor and miserable.
By that time, death is a blessing.
Those who will claim that those poor are just 'feeling sorry for themselves' blah blah blah are ignoring the fact that G-d decides who will be rich and who will be poor.
They pretend that a person can over come G-d will and become rich despite the heavenly decree that they be poor. Reply

Denise Rootenberg Toronto October 12, 2010

The cartoon is so funny and cute! I love the variety on this website. Can't wait to watch some more. Reply

Karen Montoya Saginaw, MI June 29, 2010

The Wheel I heard a story about a very pious Jew who went into the desert in search of a holy teacher so he could learn more about heaven. Finally, after many days in the hot sun he found this man and he said, Please teacher, I have come all this way to learn from you about the mysteries of heaven. The holy teacher said, Very well, first place all your belongings on this wheel and follow me. After a few days passed the man and his teacher came back to the wheel and the man looked astonished at what he saw. All his belongings were gone! So he turned to the holy teacher and said, What! Are there thieves in heaven too???? And the holy teacher said, No, no. Heaven is like a wheel where you give all that you have, and when you need it, it will return to you a hundred fold. Reply

Chana Sharon June 21, 2010

Could u make more? i'm waiting Reply

voolf yaakov Canton, USA June 17, 2010

Each of us is able to drink the water, if we "choose" to drink. The idea is to not stop the drinking and to share the waters of life with others. Reply

chana clayton, nc February 24, 2010

I think we need different life perspectives. When we are without we long for whatever is lacking, but when we finally have (whatever it is) we realize that we always want something more.
Or maybe we are more grateful for what we have after living through periods without - and will use money more appropriately when given time to think about how we would use it.
It probably has more to do with Tikkun olam (repairing the world) tho.. Reply

a fan August 10, 2009


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