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Maoz Tzur

Maoz Tzur



מָעוֹז צוּר יְשׁוּעָתִי לְךָ נָאֶה לְשַׁבֵּחַ
תִּכּוֹן בֵּית תְּפִלָתִי וְשָׁם תּוֹדָה נְזַבֵּחַ
לְעֵת תָּכִין מַטְבֵּחַ מִצָר הַמְנַבֵּחַ
אָז אֶגְמֹר בְּשִׁיר מִזְמוֹר חֲנֻכַּת הַמִזְבֵּחַ


Ma-oz Tzur Y’shu-a-ti Le-cha Na-eh L’sha-bei-ach
Ti-kon Beit T’fi-la-ti V’sham To-da N’za-bei-ach
L’eit Ta-chin Mat-bei-ach Mi-tzar Ha-m-na-bei-ach
Az Eg-mor B’shir Miz-mor Cha-nu-kat Ha-miz-bei-ach


O mighty stronghold of my salvation,
to praise You is a delight.
Restore my House of Prayer
and there we will bring a thanksgiving offering.
When You will have prepared the slaughter
for the blaspheming foe,
Then I shall complete with a song of hymn
the dedication of the Altar.

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Discussion (15)
November 28, 2013
Thanks for the Translation
It's good to have a close translation, because it's a reminder that violence was required, however regrettable.
Kingston, Ontario
December 10, 2012
In my mind I'm always singing the wonderful song of Chanukka. And I am remembering all, what I have had good things in my life.. Now it is left, but not forgotten. Baruch Hashem!
Tilly Boesche-Zacharow
Berlin Germany
December 9, 2012
I suggest that this beautiful song be played with a more appropriate accompaniment other than the synthesizer rock beat. Also, sorry to say this, but several pitches are flat. Kayli
Montclair, NJ
December 9, 2012
December 6, 2011
The text was gone in my mind.
<Maos zur jeschuati,>

Now again it is with me. Thank you very much. Wonderful.! Chag sameach to all together.
Tilly Boesche-Zacharow
Berlin, Germany
December 6, 2011
Most wonderful performance.
December 5, 2010
hanuka music
need coninuous play of the songs, one after the other, with one click. i am like jack in the box trying to hear all the songs sitting away from the computer
the or uri
manchester, nh
December 5, 2010
Thanks alot
Thanks alot for all these nice chanukah songs, they brought back a lot of memories
bklyn, ny
December 2, 2010
songs sang after lighting the menorah
I would love the see the other songs after the one you have on the website and in english letters so that I pronounce them correctly.
New York , NY USA
December 2, 2010
Maos tzur
I`m so happy, I found the words of this forgetten song, I have learned in Hebrew school in Berlin before some years. Thank you so very much.
Berlin, Germany
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