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Hooray! Strange Cows!

I had a whole page and a half long blog about this, but I realized that it was really unnecessary. I think we (or at least I) can get kind of spoiled by the nearly vast library of Jewish wisdom, and forget that we (i) don’t always have to flip through piles of books to get something new and exciting from the Torah portion.

It was my editor who reminded me this week of the verse quoted at the end of the cartoon, and how eye opening it is. : “And they went inside them, but it was not known that they had gone inside of them, for their appearance was as ugly as in the beginning. And I Awoke.” Just the idea of the good, productive times being completely and utterly erased by the negative, destructive moments, and how disturbing it can be when we isolate one experience from the next. Enough that it made Pharaoh wake up, and although he didn’t know how to change it, he knew he had to ask for help.

And what was Joseph’s answer? "Not I; God will give an answer [that will bring] peace to Pharaoh."

Alternatively, this was just a crazy cartoon about talking cows. Moo.

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Anonymous Brooklyn, NY June 19, 2009

great job I really enjoy your work but my favorite is when a lesson can be taken from it like the ladder, equilibrium, disposable cups... This was done well too but i think your power can be used in an even stronger way. Besides forming visual from written, which is definitely important, more important you can give messages through your talented and work. You have a major power especially since it is short, sweet, to the point, and enjoyable. If you bring out a lesson you can be influencing many by your work. Good Luck Reply

Chani Benjaminson, May 24, 2009

Send to Friend Thank you so much Abigail! Glad to hear you enjoy the stick figure clip. You can send it to your friends by clicking on the 'send this to a friend' link, right on the top of the page. Reply

abigail sharon springs, ks May 21, 2009

This is my video of the day... I love your videos, I know I couldn't do that many videos. EVEN IN A YEAR!!!!! lots of laughs. What a great way to connect with G-D. Can I send the video to my friend? Your videos are awesome, thank you for trying to have people be closer to G-D and thank you for showing the history. Reply

John Nademan January 30, 2009

Weekly? When are we getting more of this weekly inspiration? Reply

chabmom via January 29, 2009

nu...what happened to these? I thought they'd be coming out weekly - I think they're great! Reply

jeff January 29, 2009

stick man, where are you ? just wanted to send along a message of hope and thanks to david taub -
hope all is well as i feel many of us have missed your thought provoking stick folks and thank you for sharing them.
very much looking forward to more "episodes" Reply

Ephraim Brooklyn, NY January 28, 2009

Where are you? We need to hear more from the stick man Reply

Anonymous morristown, nj January 16, 2009

there all very nice, but they should come out more often. Reply

Adam January 9, 2009

Strange. Ruth, That reminds me of what MY children are like! Maybe they have some connection Reply

mussia usa January 4, 2009

nice clip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Ruth January 1, 2009

To Dee Kay Actually, really, it reminds me of my kids who really, really want a candy, and then a minute later it's as if they hadn't had one, and they're nudging for a candy again.
I think your interpretation is a true one, but it can also be constructive, because if we are more aware about taking lessons from what happens to us, then they will start to have some effect. Reply

Joe California January 1, 2009

The Lesson? But but...what was the lesson? That bad things happen and they are very devastating?? Reply

Anonymous orlando, fl. December 29, 2008

nice make more! nice i like these!!!!! Reply

Masha rivka December 24, 2008

very funny!!! This stick figure video was really funny! I just had to keep on watching it over and over again! It was just so good!! Keep it up Reply

Dee Kay Chicago, IL December 24, 2008

I came, I saw, and Nothing Changed As I watched the gaunt cow grotesquely swallowing the fat cow, I expected to see a huge bulge passing through its body. Or at the very least, hear a satisfied belch or a stuffed burp. But there was absolutely nothing. Completely no reaction - as if it never happened. And it struck me how sometimes we can go through tremendous experiences yet walk away with no discernible effect. As if life just passed us by...
Is my perception of this surreal episode just a figment of my pessimistic imagination? Or do any of you stick-figure-bloggers see something more constructive? Reply

Chaya Rivka Brooklyn, NY December 23, 2008

moo moo.
moo, moo.
moo I love it. Reply

mussia December 22, 2008

RE:huh? He is just explaining part of Pharaoh's dream.
You are right. I still don't get it. Reply

PC Richards December 22, 2008

huh? what is the punchline? Reply

Rochel Las Vegas, NV via December 22, 2008

Perfect I like the connections with the the weekly parsha. Reply

mendy konikov orlando, fl via December 22, 2008

sooooo cute these videos are soooooooooooooooo cute
thanks have a gut chanukah!!!
moshiach now! Reply

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