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Tell me how do we say goodbye to the angels that have fallen from our life. And how do we say goodbye to the angels that have flown away at night…

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

© Copyright Moshe Benasher. All rights reserved.

This song was composed in memory of Gabi & Rivki Holtzberg who were cruelly murdered at their Mumbai Chabad House.


She closed her eyes
He wiped her tears
He said Shema
It calmed his fears

He held her hand
Said it’d be alright
Knowing well they both could lose their life

And as my world watched it on the screen
We hoped and prayed and prayed again
That it would be a silent dream
But the dawn ushered in an unfamiliar light
The worst was heard confirmed

Now I cry to you, I lean on you,
my fellow Jew I ask of you

Tell me how do we say goodbye
to the angels that have fallen from our life
And how do we say goodbye
to the angels that have flown away at night

3500 siblings asking why
An orphan’s forced to cry
Mommy, Totty hold my hand
One day I pray you’ll understand
The cowardly lion is not the king of the land.
But the question remains, I ask

Tell me how do we say goodbye
to the angels that have fallen from our life
And how do we say goodbye
to the angels that have flown away at night

Don’t judge me when I mourn
Today it’s me who’s torn
Don’t look at me
My tears are falling fast

They say it’s all a blessing in disguise
I can’t differentiate the lies from truth
What’s a mind to do

We were the super heros of the night
We would illuminate the sky
They took away the torch but not your flame
What’s my mind to do
I will never forget you
I will light the sky from here to Mumbai
And nothing will ever look the same

Tell me how do we say goodbye
to the angels that have fallen from our life
And how do we say goodbye
to the angels that have flown away at night

Chassidim Never say goodbye
We want Moshiach Now

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Anonymous Texas May 14, 2013

Terrorists Are Everywhere These Days If it is any consolation, Hashem took them both Home. Reply

Katie Jane Long Howard December 24, 2012

my heart weeps I cry....we don't ever say goodbye because they are always with us in every single second of our lives ....please remember i am always with you even if my earthly body is gone.....never forget me because I will never forget you... Reply

Yechiel Shlipshon Portland, Tennessee June 13, 2012

Mobai's message We refuse to lower our selves to the level of the enemy, to hate. We look for ways to do His will, and there is no room for us, no time for us to be the mirror image of the Enemy, but to continue to love, to do the Will of HaShem.
This is the strength of the Jewish People.
Only, give me time to mourn. Reply

Miss susan howell October 25, 2010

sadness may these angels continue to be in our hearts and souls forever . evil is everywhere cowards who takes innocent lives when will they ever learn? They can take our torch away but never ever our eternal flame god bless Jews everywhere. may we continue to love and do greatness everywhere. Reply

Miss andrea verolla July 7, 2009

Beautiful sadness This song touched my being in the way that I could not stop the tears from coming out of my soul through my eyes.......beautiful. Reply

Anonymous ny, ny July 7, 2009

Contain it we the jewish people - it is our duty to illuminate the sky. G-d help us, help us, to bring and greet moshiach... Reply

Mr. israel edler July 6, 2009

Stay Strong Very beautiful Reply

Dovid Jaffe June 13, 2009

WOW Wow - Moishe - Brilliant!.
May Hashem bless you to inspire in good health and prosperity Reply

Anonymous Tucson, USA April 29, 2009

AD MOSAI?!?!?!?!? AD MOSAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Sydney, Australia December 29, 2008

Fallen Angels Those angels watching over us..

departed for Heaven in a surreal bus...

they are atching us,

they died for the sake of the Name..

and we rekindle their flame in prayer and remembrance...

we once again commence,....

we need to recompense..

for the sake of The Name,

For the sake of the flame... Reply

todd dressler los angeles, ca December 26, 2008

fallen angels wow, i was brought to tears. wow Reply

David Abayev Aurora, co December 24, 2008

you are right never say goodbye, they are still in your heart and mind, you will one day see them again when moshiach will come this year AMEN Reply

Joanne Brooks Jacobs Los Angeles, CA December 23, 2008

Fallen Angels This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. The voice and its imperfections/perfections carry pain, loss and the knowledge of what could have been.This memory, this creation should live on. Written and sung from the heart, this piece has a universal message. PLEASE share this song with others. It is gorgeous. Gabi & Rivki Holtzberg. This is your song. This is your son. Reply

Sender and Shifra Los Angeles, CA December 21, 2008

Moshe we are so proud of you. Thank you for sharing this with us. Reply

Anonymous December 14, 2008

moshiach now... We never will say goodbye, we will keep their work going...and going...and going...... Reply

Esther December 14, 2008

You have put into words that which cannot I am a singer/songwriter and I have been wanting to compose a song in memory of them but I have been unable to find the words. I am still trying to figure out which way to approach it....sad, happy, mourning, or going forth to spread the light. Everyone has responded to this in all different ways and yet it has been over 2 weeks and I have not been able to find the way in which I approach it. Perhaps I am desensitized or perhaps I have not dealt with the emotion yet. Maybe I have become cold. Regardless your song is really touching and encapsulates much more than words can. Thank you Reply

Chaya BenAmi December 14, 2008

fallen angels A moving, beautiful and brilliant song. Reply

Efron Drabek Middlefield, OH/USA December 13, 2008

We Want Moshiach Now I was saddened to hear about the tragic deaths of Chassidim in Mumbai. My heart goes out to all the Chassidim. Yes, my heart pines for the Moshiach. Reply

Chava'le Oslo, Norway December 13, 2008

incredible-"we don't say goodbye" that's how we can continue living. because we are keeping them alive. we do not say goodbye.


thank you for this song. Reply

Chayim B. Alevsky NY, NY December 12, 2008

Thank you for your beautiful song. Your song captures our feelings and thoughts so well, in yet another, beautiful way.

Thank you. Reply

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