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This Chassidic classic, attributed to Rabbi Schneur Zalman, the first Chabad Rebbe, is traditionaly sung with the words from Psalms 118:28: You are my G-d and I will praise You, my G-d and I will exalt You.

Keili Atah on Piano

Keili Atah on Piano

Dedicated in memory of those cruely murdered at the Mumbai Chabad House.
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Shimon Sofer Baltimore, MD August 14, 2012

Amazing This performer was on tour and came to VA, I saw him with my sister and we cried and laughed through all of his performance.
He's truly a gift, as a musician, composer and performer. Reply

Anonymous la, ca May 27, 2010

Beauty. Such Beauty. Who ever performed this should make a CD with all the Lubavitcher Niggunim on piano. That is something I would really be interested in buying. Reply

Mordche Zalman ben Avrohom ha-Kohen Bratislava, Slovakia February 10, 2009

The best version of Keili ato Reply

Danielle Holland, PA January 19, 2009

The music speaks to you this music is absolutely beautiful beyond words.
i feel like the music itself tells a story and talks to you. you can feel it as you listen to it.
thank you for this powerful, georgous, and moving piece. Reply

Levi Kaplan Brooklyn, NY December 15, 2008

Deeply moving The intensity, depth and color are very moving. Thank you for this stiring and sensitive interpretation. Reply

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