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Five Minutes

Five Minutes


Five Minutes

This is not a cartoon about marriage. Nor is it a cartoon about wasting time. It’s a cartoon about investing yourself completely in whatever it is you are doing. Otherwise, the time doesn’t add up.

One of the earlier ideas I had was about a grown adult celebrating his 3rd birthday, claiming that although he was born 20 some years ago, he wasted most of that time, and only about 3 years worth were really worth counting. But I realized that that is not the point I was trying to express. In fact, if the birthday guy really did put himself into his time wasting, then unfortunately for him, the moments do add up, and he’ll have to account for them. But at least he did something. And the good news is, that’s a part of his life he can look back on and grow from. It has somehow shaped him, and therefore it would count in his age. But the lady in this cartoon wasn’t doing anything. She wasn’t speaking with her husband, because she was watching stuff, but she wasn’t really watching stuff either. It’s like a whole half hour of her life is gone — worse than misused, because at least you can grow from that — just gone.

So to me, this quote from Zohar isn’t telling me that Abraham used his moments for good — I already know that. Come on, we’re talking about Abraham here. It’s telling me that he used his moments.

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shevy new haven, ct April 27, 2012

loooove im in love with these videos. how did i never see them before?? and who does the voices? Reply

Lyone Fein Newark, OH June 29, 2010

So Sad and Desperate Wow. This one almost made me cry. He seemed so sad, like he was pleading for her to listen to him.

David, I know you said it wasn't about marriage....but for me this really was very much about human relationships. And since so much of our time in this world is spent in relating with others, perhaps that is where our understandings of this one overlap?

Seems like so many people, when they interact with one another, are off doing something else at the same time--thinking about someone else, or about to run off somewhere, or answering the cell phone, or watching TV, etc. It is really difficult to feel like a person who matters during such interactions. My policy is to never interrupt a face to face conversation in order to answer a phone--when did the absent person gain priority over he present person in our culture? What a bizarre concept! What if we all just practiced focusing fully on whoever we are talking with at any given moment? Our relationships would improve so much. Reply

Joe May 10, 2009

Re: Five Minutes (by Sharon) There IS such a holiday: it's called Shabbat!
Every Shabbat Jews don't use any electricity; they take a break from it, and it's beautiful! You can focus the entire day on Godliness and Judaism, and relax and appreciate the world for what it is.

Try it and encourage your friends. And, in addition, you may as well light some Shabbat candles before the holiday so that you can do it appropriately. Reply

Sharon February 3, 2009

Five Minutes This scene is so commond in life I am sure all can relate to it. Except those who have no TV but then they don't have internet either so they won't see your cartoon. Their communication with us may be lacking but their communication with G-d is improved. I have visited some of these places and it is amazing how clear the voice of G-d is when all there is to hear is the sea, the wind, and the birds. A freind of mine recently came up with the idea of going on a media holiday. In his still small voice, I think I heard G-d cheering the idea. Reply

karen florida December 31, 2008

dont tell anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my parents do this all the anoying.
great clip Reply

duby December 30, 2008

oh my goodness these guys are great !!!!!!! Reply

mendy konikov orlando, us via December 16, 2008

nice it looks realy nice i love these videos! Reply

Dan King Leeds, UK December 11, 2008


I've just finished my work for the semester and was getting a little down that I have nothing to do.

But this has helped lift me up a bit as i realise that every second of ur life is a precious gift.

Thats gotta make u smile :) Reply

Sarah November 25, 2008

To Moshe Sorry Moshe, but I don't think that the idea of the vignettes are to be cute, I really think that the idea is giving a message in less than 3 minutes or so.

I love these vignettes the way they are!

Please don't chnage them, and keep'em coming! Reply

Dovid Silver Spring, MD November 24, 2008

Great cartoons I should be studying for finals, but instead I just went through your whole list and posted "religion" to facebook. Amazing! Reply

Rachel Jerusalem, Israel November 23, 2008

I think what makes the message so clear is the simplicity in which it is presented- You have a great style! Reply

sarah new york, ny November 23, 2008

to moshe I personally don't agree with you.

This is great, Dovid, don't mess with it!
This is quality stuff that needs to shared with the entire world. It's beautiful in it's simplicity, spareness, and yes, it's one-dimensionality (is that a word?)

Just keep on putting this out.! Reply

Anonymous November 23, 2008

characters I like that the characters are flat; this way they do not detract from the message. Reply

Celine Haversham November 22, 2008

Uh...I was really hoping for something more positive.... But I do understand why you might have chosen to do it this way.
Too many people are arguing, what a pity. Reply

Anonymous melbourne, australia November 22, 2008

five minutes
give me a break!!! this was sooo boring,you just wasted my time!!! Reply

moshe November 22, 2008

i like the idea of your cartoons; short and simple with a deep message. the meaning is always beautiful, thank you.

i want to suggest that the actual video should be a little different. i find the videos a little flat. maybe it's because the voice doesn't have personality. e.g; the baby in last week's, "Religion" - a baby doesn't sound like that. i understand that you use the baby because of what he symbolises - his pure faith in hashem, therefore the voice doesn't really matter. but it does. each detail makes it that much more attractive.

all i'm suggesting is that you improve your cartoons on a chitzoniyus level. the pnimiyus is always beautiful, nevertheless. add personality to each character. they may be stick figures, but if they're on, they gotta be cuter. better voices. more props. where are the sound effects?

does anyone agree with me?

otherwise, A+. please listen to my suggestion! have a great day. Reply

dovid November 20, 2008

that is so true. thanks! Reply

deneb slc, ut via November 19, 2008

5 minutes how gender-correct of you to make it the man who wants attention rather than the woman all the time. Reply

devorah block san antonio, texas November 19, 2008

stick figure vignettes wow!
that is very interesting! oops, i need to go do some mitzvos -- im not going to waste my time on the computer, although i learned a very important lesson on the computer.... maybe i wont call it wasting time... Reply

Mary O'Donnell Philadelphia, PA November 19, 2008

Genesis 24 Using our moments is sometimes hard. I had stopped living to stay home caring for my father with dementia. It sounds noble until I noticed my children hurting, my husband wanting out-of this situation and this marriage, and myself entering depression. I guess I stopped using my moments. Now I will sadly place him in a home, go back to work, and hopefully rebuild some bridges that I burned. Tough decisions....but at least it is using the moments-rather correctly or erroneously! Reply

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