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Medalit Holyoak Daeniken September 7, 2017

The very best piano piece I have ever heard...
Thank you very much. Reply

Michelle Weizmann Alabama July 20, 2014

Reflection and Tranquility This is probably the most beautiful piano music I have ever heard. I loved it so much that I purchased the entire CD. It evokes a state of personal reflection and peacefulness I have never experienced with any other music before. Reply

Anna Cortez(Nee Kotrys) Lanark, Scotland September 23, 2012

Inner Peace As a child I was sent to learn piano but had no patience and did not like the harsh sound BUT hearing this music played on a piano pierces into my SOUL as the person above says therefore I missed out as this piano seems to speak GENTLY and PENTETRATE our very being. It has inspired me to move on with my idea for a Blog about Music and Healing. Thank-you again. Reply

Reus Chaya Hersg Overland Park, KS September 23, 2012

Score? I didn't realize that there was such beautiful chassidic music that I might play on the piano. Thank you. How do I get copies of such music to, play for myself? Reply

Anna Cortez(Nee Kotrys) Lanark, Scotland June 17, 2012

Veharikosi by Moshe Kravitsky As I listen I feel attune to the elements and a much higher power... this one sounds like water droplets and so ethereal..peacefulmess and tranquility...a wonderful composition..thank-you for this.. Reply

Gracia Levine Rio de Janeiro, Brazil January 23, 2012

Veharicosi on the piano How can I find the score of this wonderful piano piece? Reply

LUIS BQUILLA, COLOMBIA September 29, 2011

peace very uplifting, healing, powerfull, and make you reflect about your soul all the damage is done Reply

Hannah Herr Cape Town, South Africa November 18, 2010

Inspired I am inspired to play the piano again. Thank G_d. Reply

susan madison, wisconsin us October 6, 2010

music this music is incredible it speaks to the heart and soul .we are so blessed to have such wonderful music to enjoy thankyou its definitly appreciated and answer to prayer g-dbless shalom to all may some day all the evil will be gone and peace will glow like a candle in the wind Reply

Elozor September 3, 2009

Finding this is Truly an answer to Prayer! Thank you very much. If only there was more! Reply

Norma Weinstein Coral Springs, Fl. July 14, 2009

music lover Music has always inspired me. Thanks for this wonderful gift at my fingertips that transpires to my soul. Shalom Reply

S Hetherington Grand Prairie, Tx/USA February 11, 2009

Soul Awake music Finding this is an answer to prayer!

May our G'd bless you for such wonderful , inspirational, relaxing music to those who listen to these scores of music!

truly you have blessed so many people! Reply

Craig F. Miami Beach, FL February 11, 2009

Peaceful. This is a wonderful piece. Very inspiring and peaceful. I am going to play it at home for my family when I get home.
Thank you. Reply

Anonymous Shelton, Ct January 19, 2009

The very best I am so pleased with all this wonderful sounds that you have shared with me. It is your mitzva Reply

K. Wojcik Winnipeg, MB Canada November 21, 2008

Simply Wonderful I haven't heard a piece so movingi in my life. I felt freedom, happiness, heartache, & tears. As much as I wanted to listen to other pieces I couldn't leave this one. It made me cry. I can't explain. Reply

Chani Benjaminson, November 21, 2008

CD This music is not available on CD. Moshe Benasher has generously decided to donate his talented music to the public, you can download it for free at this link. Reply

Golda Getz Watertown , NY November 20, 2008

thank you Thank you for sharing your gift! I will be sharing this beautiful music with others. gut Shabbos. Where can we hear more?? Reply

anonymous. November 20, 2008

Your playing is so unbelievably beautiful!! You have no idea how you inspired me! listening to your playing is probably a short cut to the ultimate repentance.... Thank you so much! please don't stop!!! Reply

Leila B. Snyder Murfreesboro, TN November 20, 2008

Jewish music - soul awake I love it... where and how I could buy CD and or DVD? Thank you, Reply

Roxanne Perri Delray Beach, Florida November 20, 2008

VEHARIKOSI BY MOSHE BENASHER Beautiful music, relaxing, spiritual, uplifting. Reply

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