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The gathering of water of a mikvah is used today to ritually purify a married woman and is a preparation for procreation, but its story goes back to creation itself.

The Story of Water

The Story of Water

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Abner Moraes Stoughton April 30, 2016

So. The question still remains. How would you purify the temple? Not answered. Reply

Robert Berkovits Annapolis Md. July 30, 2014

An interesting story Just a rationalization and explanation for the people who want to be observant.
What if the Kohanim is already in the temple and the animal walks in and drops dead??? More red heifer droppingsi!!! Case not covered.
This is not a good analogy and not real Jewish physics. It is just Jewish mythology, anachronistic, patriarchal and such. It is good for little children in
a Cheder Chabad school. So everything that has happened, is happening and will happen is preordained.


Anonymous North Wales, PA July 29, 2014

Thank you for sharing the Biblical and Rabbinic connections to topic of Mikva.a Reply

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