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Learning to accept (yours and others’) imperfections, flaws and deficiencies.

When Breaking Is Fixing

When Breaking Is Fixing

The secret to a successful relationship


When Breaking Is Fixing: The secret to a successful relationship

Learning to accept (yours and others’) imperfections, flaws and deficiencies.
Compassion, Marriage, Wedding, Chupah

Learning to accept (yours and others’) imperfections, flaws and deficiencies.

Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Helen Dudden Bristol February 2, 2017

Such wise sentiments. Excepting that we all have different ways of seeing things, different ideas.

Always try to talk your problems through. Reply

Anonymous June 16, 2014

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in…

Leonard Cohen Reply

Anonymous February 28, 2014

Your philosophy sounds really good. Its true we are all imperfect. However when i hear so many today saying we need to accept, the flaws. I'm one for encouraging
change & growth not just with myself, but with those around me. And there is behaviors flaws imperfections that are just not acceptable. We have far too many
now who call blatant sin , flaws & imperfections. Defiance is called flaws & imperfection. I only wish to exercise caution & balance. And we as human beings, always seem to go towards the extreme. Let us encourage in ourselves & one another to continually progress spiritually, & be lights where there is so much dark. Reply

Anonymous Far Rockaway, New York May 4, 2012

All of your articles speak to the Heart, Soul
and Mind

thank You Reply

Anonymous N. Highlands, California March 7, 2012

The Breaking of the glass I find today my life is much like the glass it seems to be breaking in many, many shards and yet…how peaceful and whole it is…I know I’m in a place of peace and joy that no weapon that has been formed against me can prosper…G-d is the complete source of my being… its Purim and G-d has heard He will answer…and there will be peace in peace that shall abound in every area of our lives…we are Not alone…the angels are near heaven is whispering mozaltov …ah yes there is beauty…and we shall see what Father has in store for those who trust Him…I know its wonderfully beautiful…and ever enduring…so stay close and listen to the winds sweet voice… Reply

marie Pa. August 16, 2008

Re: Prayers Please Dear Anonymous, Plymouth, Uk

I am very sorry to hear that and my prayers are with you. I can tell you that from observing on my end, that there seems to be many people couples that are having some intense marriage difficulties, including me and my husband. Since you are a Noahide (which is wonderful to hear) I do hope you have a Rabbi that you are in contact with to help guide you. If not, I know there are good resources online that contain helpful insights and teachings about marriage difficulties, like right here on Chabad.
I have just started reading and listening to the lectures on this area myself, and I am finding that the information here really does make one think.

May each of us come out to be more humble and wiser through these marriage challenges we face.
G-d Bless Reply

Anonymous Plymouth, Uk August 15, 2008

Prayers please my wife has said today that I am not someone she can live with any longer - we must end. Its been 20 years but I'm not what she needs - too many differences - your prayers please. (a noahide) Reply

Anonymous August 10, 2008

thought about that in connection to the breaking of the plate by the lechaim but i never made the connection with the breaking of thw glass under the chuppah
nice lifelong massage to take with you into marriage. thanks for your thoughts Reply

marie Wilkes-Barre, Pa. August 3, 2008

Very moving Dear Chana,

You give off such a palpable sincerity in your videos along with your messages that are deeply moving and inspiring. Thank you so much!

G-d Bless you and yours. Reply

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