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5. Al Netilat Yadaim Bracha

5. Al Netilat Yadaim Bracha

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Blessed are You L-rd our G-d King of the universe Who has sanctified us with his commandments and commanded us on the washing of the hands.

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Discussion (3)
February 3, 2011
Morning Brachot
Thank you for this wonderful morning prayer on awakening. The one for "bracha", which i guess means thank You, could you trasnsalate the words in English.

I feel bad for making this request, as you all do so much already. but i would appreciate and i do appreciate all that you all do.

G-d bless you all.
winnipeg, canada
September 13, 2010
Learning by Song
Returning to Judaism, I have had difficulty reading Hebrew prayers even when they are trans-literated. Yet, when I hear a prayer sung, I can learn the prayer in 15 minutes pronoucing all the words correctly.
Pottsville, PA
November 1, 2009
Morning Brachot & Schacharit
Thank you for making this Tefilah Trax available to buy. It is very wonderful and helpful for me to learn the morning Brachot and Schacharits. I love to listen to all of them. Thank you.