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2. Modeh Ani Song

2. Modeh Ani Song

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.מודה אני לפניך מלך חי וקיים, שהחזרת בי נשמתי בחמלה; רבה אמונתך

Modeh Ani L’fanecha
Melech Chai V’kayam
Shehechezarta Bi Nishmati B'chemla
Raba Emunatecha

I offer thanks to You,
living and eternal King,
for You have mercifully restored my soul within me;
Your faithfulness is great.

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Discussion (23)
September 7, 2016
Authentic Hebrew accent?
This is great to have audio available for the classical prayers. Thanks! Yet it would be nice to listen to Israeli Hebrew without distinct American accent.
November 15, 2013
Modeh Ani song
Yeshar Koach!
Your minds are right!
These brachot, blessings, in the song form are a wonderful way to keep one's mind right throughout the day. A true blessing for which I am thankful. I am going to sing Modeh Ani at the next men's Sunday oneg breakfast and brachot study.
Toda for all these songs and brachot.
Omer Scott D. Elam
Moore, Oklahoma
July 18, 2013
I have just been diagnosed with amalyoids which is a rare disease a protein that i produce in the heart and not cancerous thank- G-d. it took eight weeks for the biopsy to come back from the States, not knowing if i could be treated or not . it could of gone either way. Treatment will be for eight months. every week. I'm so thankful even though this is grueling treatment. I was so happy to hear this song, it takes me to my soul. Chayim Alevsky your song is beautifullly done and I play it every morning a few times. Blessings to you and thank you.
Ina Zaritzky
June 3, 2013
Toda Raba
Ive been learning Hebrew for 8 years and Im still learning... Ill never stop learning... Thanks to Chabad online.
Yakov Israel
March 1, 2013
Modeh Ani is a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving to G-d for restoring our "Neshama" to us upon arising. When we recite it with a grateful heart it sets the theme for a wonderful day with G-d in our heart filled with joy and happiness.
Tova Pottruck
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
January 25, 2013
Criticism of the version
Totally stunning !

So much tenderness, hope and humility in the harmony, melody and vocalisation goes direct to the heart.

Mazal Tov

Shabbat Shalom
January 1, 2013
my children (who are under 5 years) and i are converts and this is how i taught them to sing modeh ani..i played it every morning and after a few days they were singing it themselves. Their sabah & savta were very impressed :) p.s they still ask me to play it!
July 22, 2012
Sephardic Prayers
I just learned I am descendant of conversos from the Spanish Inquisition. My family hid this information (but I always had a feeling that we were different; I never felt Catholic)but when I questioned my grandfather (born in Sicily) when I was a child he said we were not Jewish, but added that "what happened in the past was done, we could not go back, I was a Catholic and don't tell anyone my feelings". I feel bad that he still had that fear after 500 years. Hearing these beautiful words made me cry. Thank all of you and G_ d Bless.
Eline Catalanotto Moreland
Covington, LA 70433
May 17, 2012
I have been starting my day with this prayer of gratitude for two years. It brings sunshine to each morning. Shalom.
Beechhurst, NY
May 15, 2012
I cut and pasted this for my four year old grandson...we are on Skype and we can sing it together... He is in Albuquerque and I am in is such a good clear and SLOW recording he can play it over and over so he can learn it.

Thank you so much...his brother in college is a Hebrew scholar and we are keeping it a secret for a surprise for brother.
Sarah Yarbrough
Canton, GA