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Mah Nishtanah

Mah Nishtanah

The Four Questions

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Mah nishtanah halaylah hazeh mikol halaylot

1) She-bechol halaylot ain anu matbilin afilu pa’am echat, halaylah hazeh shtei pe’amim?

2) She-bechol halaylot anu ochlim chametz o matzah, halaylah hazeh kulo matzah?

3) She-bechol halaylot anu ochlim she’ar yerakot, halaylah hazeh maror?

4) She-bechol halaylot anu ochlim bain yoshvin u-vain mesubin, halaylah hazeh kulanu mesubin?

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Discussion (21)
April 2, 2015
Great song.
March 24, 2015
Magnificent learning tool. I had to learn to sing them when my 2 sons were no longer at home. I played this over and over (maybe 50 times) and it went perfectly at my Seder. Thank you beyond words.
New Jersey
March 12, 2015
Helps me learn, thanks so much, you're great
March 24, 2013
Metsuian.kol a kavod.Pessah sameah le kulam
Recife, Pe/Brasil
April 9, 2012
ma nishtana
why not in yiddish ?
Rabbi Yisroel Hahn
April 5, 2012
The Grandchildren learned it easily
Thanks to the music and the demo my 4 grandchildren learned these 4 questions in about 20 min. They are looking forward to Passover at our house and asking the questions and eating the foods of Passover.
Mendel Chiam Frank
Mebane, NC
April 2, 2012
my 2 1/2 yr old grandaughter sang this to me on the telephone last week. learned in hebrew day school. did perfectly !!! i am so proud to think i had a part in conserving our religion through my daughter who was brought up reform/conservitive and is now a hebrew school teacher and living a conservitive/orthodox life, such naches !!!! happy passover to all, xo rho
rhonda becker
coconut creek, fla
March 28, 2012
Order of Questions
Think the order is out of order....
April 17, 2011
First time leading the Seder
Many thanks. This will be the first year I will be leading the Seder and this is definitely helping me prepare. Having the transliterations will be great for some of our guests who don't read Hebrew.
Again, todah rabah,

BTW. That is the real name of my town.
Yitzchak Moshe ben Mordchai Tzvi
Belchertown, MA
April 14, 2011
Song in the home
Tired from a day of working and nog 'n evening at the computer, I stumbled across this. Suddenly this song broke the silence of the night, filtered down the corridoor, into all our rooms, and the night with filled with good memories, eager anticipation of the coming Pesach. Family stuck their sleepy heads into my study door, smiles lit up faces, and now we know: Pesach is coming!
South Africa
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