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Our Sages teach: “tzedakah, charity, is equivalent to all the mitzvot combined”. Why such great emphasis on this individual mitzvah?

The Kabbalah of Charity

The Kabbalah of Charity


The Kabbalah of Charity

Our Sages teach: “tzedakah, charity, is equivalent to all the mitzvot combined”. Why such great emphasis on this individual mitzvah?
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Tanya, Charity
Rabbi Jacob Immanuel Schochet (1935-2013), an acknowledged authority on Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism, is author of more than a dozen books and numerous articles. A renowned lecturer on Jewish thought, ethics and social issues, Dr. Schochet was a congregational rabbi and a university professor of Philosophy at Humber College, in Toronto, Canada.
Michael Chighel (Kigel) received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Toronto for his dissertation on the Book of Job, after a specialization in 20th-century French and German thought. In Canada he taught in the departments of philosophy and of Jewish studies at the universities of York, Queen’s and Waterloo. He produced Passages and Messages for eleven seasons on Canadian television (CTS). Until this year he held the Rohr Chair of Jewish Studies at the Lauder Business School in Vienna, where he taught Torah, European ethics and political economy. He has translated a number of books and published various articles in Jewish thought. Michael and his family have recently made aliyah, and now live in Jerusalem.
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Scott Cunningham Boca Raton, FL December 22, 2012

Rabbi Immanuel Schochet .Rabbi Immanuel Schochet presents the Kabbalah with a Divine Wisdom. Reply

gail cambridge, canada July 9, 2012

soundtrack for passages i have been watching both shows for the past 10 yrs and love it.recently i bought Tanya, fascinating. i would like to purchase the soundtrack they use in Passages, its so wonderful to hear. please let me know if anyone knows the the credits it mentions David paoli,,,,keep up the wonderful shows Reply

Aaron Bodtcher Lehi, UT via August 25, 2011

Charity interview Michael seems to have actually gotten in the way of this interview. (sorry Michael)
The RebDr Schochet was distracted by the questions/arguments (yes, I know that's what we do.....) but the importance of the mitzvah that was being explained seems to have gotten pushed aside. The fact that Tzedakah brings us closer to the ideal level Hashem wishes for us to reach. It lifts not just us, but those who are in need, and allows them to also recognize love and blessings from G_d, to allow them to follow and do the same. When we give to others the blessings G-d has bestowed upon us, it is G-d giving to them. This is what elevates us from the creatures of creation. To become more like we were first created, "in the image of G-d".
Would like to hear more from the RebDr.
Shalom Reply

Mr. Aaron Propp May 22, 2011

new episodes? If this show is still running or has future episodes, is there an chance to have Michael Kigel interview Rabbi Itchy Kaddoozy? It would be pretty cool to hear him tell Michael, the same way he tells the Jono character, "Actually Kigel, dragging a woman across the street to get browny points with G-d has NOTHING to do with charity." Reply

Host, Michael Chighel, talks to some of the world's greatest experts about the masterpiece of Hasidic thought, the book of Tanya.
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