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More than just a cooking video, A Taste of Shabbos presents the historic and cultural background of the foods and traditions that make the Shabbat such a meaningful experience.

A Taste of Shabbos

A Taste of Shabbos

The Complete Format for the Traditional Shabbat Dinner


A Taste of Shabbos: The Complete Format for the Traditional Shabbat Dinner

More than just a cooking video, A Taste of Shabbos presents the historic and cultural background of the foods and traditions that make the Shabbat such a meaningful experience.
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Note: The laws of Shabbat rest mandate that all cooking and baking be done before Shabbat, and regulate food preparation done on Shabbat in other ways as well. For more information, see Food Preparation on Shabbat.
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Rebecca Lee Florida June 15, 2015

Thank YOU Rebbi Esther Winner That was so beautiful and so are you! Mere words can not express my sincere gratitude! Shalom sweet lady! Reply

Michelle Comeslast Roy, WA December 14, 2014

Love this video! I loved this so much, I purchased the dvd. Have you considered making other discs for other holidays? Would love to see one on the High Holy days or Chanukah! Reply

Michelle ComesLast Tacoma, WA June 16, 2014

Dear Rebbetzin Esther Thank you! I love this video so much, I purchased my own copy. It's wonderful to see and showing how to prep ahead also helps with thinking about planning. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home! Reply

marjorie grady, nm July 17, 2011

a taste of Shabbat i love the video and thank you and every soul who contributed to it's content and making. can i buy or receive a dvd of it? i would love to share this with my sisters, in our place of meeting, but do not have computer access there. Reply

Chani Benjaminson for August 23, 2010

Written Recipes Sure, you can click here to find the various recipes by Rebbetzin Winner and Ms. Zegerman Schwimmer: A Taste of Shabbos.. Reply

Sara Jerusalem, Isreal August 23, 2010

WRITTEN RECIPE is there a link to where all the recipes here are written? Reply

Shoshana Brooklyn, NY February 22, 2010

it doesn't have to be expensive To Anonymous in Toronto:

you don't need a mixer to make challah, you can just buy a fish loaf, and sometimes our chicken soup does double duty for the main meal. Pick and choose. Most people, unless they're having a lot of guests, don't cook as much as Mrs. Winner does here. It's a video so she was probably trying to be inclusive. I always learned that food on Shabbos is automatically better anyway. Reply

y g November 12, 2009

this video is always interesting! B"H
I've watched it a few times, to get the different recipes and there is always something to learn in it! Reply

Anonymous Toronto June 28, 2009

Although the presentation is extremely nice and inviting, however, most people can't afford the the fancy kitchen equipment, the expensive silver ware, the cost of the food even. Perhaps a video showing the simpler presentaion with more on the meaning of Shabbos would reach out to more people.

Some people like myself feel sad that they can't have he kind of Shabbos that you presented. Reply

Anonymous Richland Center, WI June 2, 2009

Shabbos Dear Rebbetzin Esther,
I have reciently discovered my great-grandparents and grandmother were Jewish. Perhaps this is the reason I have felt a strong affinity/love for the Jewish people for as long as I can remember.

I wanted to thank you for your beautiful presentation of the tradition of Shabbos as well as the wonderful recepies.

I'm not sure you intended to reach-out to a lost soul however, you have awakened in me a greater desire to draw close to G-d and His ways. Reply

Peninnah Cunningham Kentucky, USA December 31, 2008

Shabbos Dear Rebbetzin Esther,

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. It is very informative and enjoyable to watch.

I learned a lot, and now more fully understand just how holy G-d's sabbath is meant to be for His people. Reply

Tracy Deakyne Saylorsburg, Pa August 30, 2008

A Taste Of Shabbos Mrs. Winner,
I loved the recipes and I loved how your family all said Good Shabbos at the end.Your girls are very beautiful, I hope to try your recipes soon!!! My sisters, mom and I absolutely LOVE to cook and bake so we'll enjoy those recipes!!! Reply

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