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This class presents the Torah view on Jews ceding territory of the Land of Israel in exchange for the hope of peace.

The Prohibition of Returning Territory

The Prohibition of Returning Territory

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Prohibition of Returning Territory

This class presents the Torah view on Jews ceding territory of the Land of Israel in exchange for the hope of peace.
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Dedicated in loving memory of Rabbi Lipa Schapiro, of blessed memory.
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Anonymous September 14, 2010

Eretz Yisrael The tite "The Prohibition of Returning Territory", is incorrect, as there is nothing to Return. The title would be correct if stated as "The Prohibition of giving over control of any territory, which
G-d Says is part of Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel)." Reply

jerry listokin deerfield beach, u.s.a. April 24, 2010

the prohibition of returning territory ask the american indians how giving up land for peace worked out. Reply

danny May 20, 2009

no peace? the claim that giving away land would endanger jewish lives is pure speculation. in the territories we cant fight a full out war. Reply

daniel rosenberg September 8, 2008

true peace firstly we shouldnt give away land because it iis our land but also true peace wouldnt be acheived by giving away land because palestinians dont care about peace they care about taking the land and destroying israel. its what they teach their children in the palestinian media. may the moshiach come soon so we dont have terrorism for long Reply

Arielle Bristol, VA June 3, 2008

The Land Thank you for this audio class. It is so true that giving up land is very dangerous for the Jewish people. I pray it will not be done!! It will not bring peace, as the Arabs don't want peace, they want all of the Land!! God forbid!! Reply

Anonymous monsey June 19, 2017
in response to Arielle:

what can we answer for those who think that it is prohibited to have a jewish army etc ? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for June 20, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

It is a very clear halacha in Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law). Orach Chaim 229, there there is an obligation to protect Jewish lives, even if it is sometimes at the expense of other laws, such as Shabbat observance. Reply

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