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What is it that isifies me?

Isifier I

Isifier I

Kabbala Toons: Episode XII


Isifier I: Kabbala Toons: Episode XII

What is it that isifies me?
Bittul, Inexistence of the Universe, The, Perpetual Creation, Kabbalah, Existence; Reality

I'm going to tell you a secret, so listen carefully.

Actually, there are two kinds of secrets: Fake secrets. And real secrets.

Fake secrets are only secrets because someone is hiding them from you. Real secrets are the kind that don't have to be hidden from anyone, because even once you tell them, they remain a secret. Because nobody gets what you're talking about anyway.

This secret I'm going to tell you is of the second kind. Only that now that I showed you this video, maybe, just maybe, you will get what I'm talking about.

Start by thinking of the verb "to be". Think isness. How many things do you know that have that property? Do you know of anything that doesn't have isness? Even things that don't exist have isness—they have negative isness.

Take your time on this. Close your eyes and really try to feel what isness is all about. Or else you're not going to get what I'm going to tell you next.

Now think of isifyingness. Not just something sitting there and ising, but actually causing everything that is to is. The Grand Isifier.

This is the only thing that doesn't really fit into the category of isness. Everything that is, can be not is. But that which isifies doesn't work that way. It neither is nor isn't. Instead, it isifies. If you were a computer engineer, you might say it's pre-binary—not a zero, not a one, but something that generates both.

Now I have a surprise for you. Actually, if you know a little Hebrew, it shouldn't be a surprise. But it probably will be anyways.

Look at the way we write G_d in Hebrew—the four letter name that we don't pronounce.

Guess what it means. Three chances and the first two don't count.

The Isifier is actually mentioned elsewhere at See:

The Adam Files

Where is G‑d?

Next week we have an even more super-awesome video about the Isifier. Come back then. Make sure you have mind insurance—in case it gets blown too far away.

Written and conceived by Tzvi Freeman. Rabbi Freeman is available for public speaking and workshops. Read more on his bio page.
Music by The Piamentas
Rabbi Infinity played by Andrew Torres
Animation and SFX by Pilar Newton of Pilar Toons
© Copyright, all rights reserved. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's copyright policy.
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Shahid. June 27, 2010

well explained! Very well explained! Thanks a lot for this description!

Regards. Reply

Chanoch/Enoch Hankerson Grand Forks, ND December 6, 2007

Isifier Is "Isifier" and "Truth" the samething?

Because if you ask what is "Truth?" I would answer by saying: "Truth" just "IS" !

Shalom. Reply

Rabbi Infinity December 5, 2007

And the prize goes to.... Down Unda of Melbourne, Australia!

Could also be Isifier. Or Isifyingness. Or....your choice. Reply

Ari Edson Thornhill, Ontario December 5, 2007

Chesed and gevurah working together in absolute unison and oneness. Where chesed is fully developed as chesed and working with all the powers of chesed and gevurah fully developed as gevurah and working with all the powers of gevurah and chesed as well gevurah working together in absolute unison. Truth is what brings it together. Tifferes. Reply

Enoch Hankerson Grand Forks, ND December 5, 2007

IS Baruch HaShem!

I like it!! Thank you.

Oh! That word "IS" ? I like that word too. Reply

Down Unda Melbourne, Aus December 5, 2007

Havayah - isification Reply

Rabbi Infinity December 3, 2007

Re: The Name No, that's a different name. Come now, there's got to be someone out there who understands what I'm talking about? Reply

Roxanne (goy) December 3, 2007

The Name "I Was, I Am, I Will Be"

.......interesting. Reply

Rabbi Infinity December 2, 2007

Re: four-letter word Let's wait a few more days and see if someone else will post an answer. Reply

Chani London, England December 2, 2007

Wow! Am I the only one who finds that totally awesome? Like, what a good moshol!!! Reply

Enoch Hankerson Grand Forks, ND December 2, 2007

RE: Hanoch Baruch HaShem!

Peace be with you. I am grateful for all that does for the Jewish community and I just want to say thank you.

Respectfully, Hanokh. Shalom. Reply

Anonymous Milwaukee, WI November 30, 2007

four-letter word what does it mean? I need more than 3 guesses

Is it possible to get an answer? Reply