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This melody is sung during the Holiday services of Yom Kippur





This melody is sung during the Holiday services of Yom Kippur
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Ve'nislach Le'chol Adas Bnei Yisroel Ve'lager Hagor Be'sochom, Ki Le'chol Ho'om Bishgogo.


The entire congregation of the children of Israel and the proselyte who resides with them shall be forgiven, for all the people were in error.

Numbers 15:26. The verse is repeated three times in the prayers on Yom Kippur night following "Kol Nidrei".

Musical Notes

This melody was composed to the above verse by the Chassidic cantor Reb Yechiel Hacohen Halpern, who led the Holiday services at the study hall of the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber in Lubavitch. The song has three stanzas corresponding to the three times the verse is repeated.

Music notes courtesy of Kehot Publication Society and Chabad Melodies by Eli Lipsker and Velvel Pasternak.
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jeanette florida September 14, 2014

music This resonates very deeply inside of me. Reply

jack brooklyn, ny October 17, 2011

venislach This song's a real heartfelt beauty. The first time i heard it here it got stuck in my head the whole day! Reply

TK-Chauxner Santa Monica, CA October 7, 2011

When family is in one place in the spirit No matter the differences, no matter the distance, no matter the matter, what matters is the 'We' matter, and Hashem knows each and every one of our sorrows, petitions, supplications, and pain. We begin to know in sorrow His burden when we fall short or when we forget what's precious in the Universe. Reply

Anonymous Columbus, Ohio September 27, 2009

yom kipper Eve I am unable to go to services this year. Due to the fact i had surgery on my leg this summer. I am thankful for the songs on this sight Lashana Tova to all you. Reply

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