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There’s a lot you can learn from little kid’s toys. In this case, it’s about filling that emptiness inside.

Filling the Hole

Filling the Hole


Filling the Hole

There’s a lot you can learn from little kid’s toys. In this case, it’s about filling that emptiness inside.
The Filling-the-Hole analogy is actually something I heard from an ex-junkie. He was talking about how he got into hard narcs to begin with--trying to fill that hole.

That's how he managed to get clean, too. Getting clean is a pretty heroic act--success rates are pretty low. But he stopped filling that emptiness inside with chemicals and switched over to heavy-duty spirituality. Meaning that he traded his heroin addiction for an addiction to things like Kabbala and random acts of kindness.

Pop in your words over here. Let us know how this hit you and where it took you.

-- Rabbi Infinity
Written and conceived by Tzvi Freeman. Rabbi Freeman is available for public speaking and workshops. Read more on his bio page.
Music by The Piamentas
Rabbi Infinity played by Andrew Torres
Animation and SFX by Pilar Newton of Pilar Toons
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Anonymous Pittsburgh May 14, 2015

forgiving arrogance "just pretend the hole is full"

Who can blame someone who does this? Reply

Sergei Ashdod August 20, 2014

Great article! Short and to the point. Reply

Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, US September 13, 2008

Reading, Listening, Watching & Doing It Twice! Some people underate what you are doing. It is fine nicely done. The meaning should be simple, so that we can understand the deeper thoughts. The basics provides for the deeper meaning. Reply

Yehuda Burdman January 17, 2008

Great, it speaks to the heart and the head. Please continue and G-d Bless Reply

mike perry Temple, Texas January 16, 2008

filling the hole TO: Anonymous
You are on the right track. It took a while for me to get as messed up as I was and it takes time to get well. I read the 119th Psalm daily keeps me focused keeps the hole closed. Remember you are a child of G-d don't give up you will never fail Reply

Annette North Bay, Ontario January 3, 2008

Amazing holes! I wish I could remember the name of the psychologist from B.C. who recently (Nov/Dec 2007) authored a book and proved that addictions can be cured with this same idea: filling in the hole with good alternatives... naturally! Reply

Mojshe Jerusalem, Israel December 24, 2007

A Masterpiece I've just come across these toons and I'm loving each and every one of them. This is truly a magnificent and ingenious way to put across such vital concepts to our spiritual growth. They all resonate deeply within me. Keep up the great work! Kol ha-kavod! Reply

Anonymous October 20, 2007

filling the hole I'm a recovering addict too, and i tried just about everything to fill the hole. it's still a struggle, even though I'm clean and sober... and going to a Chabad House every Shabbat. there are no easy fixes. But oh, how it has helped to fill my soul every Saturday morning.
the struggle hasn't ended, but it has eased, thank G-d. Reply

mike perry Temple, Texas October 20, 2007

filling the hole Talk about right on. I had a Texas size hole countless rehabs and general bad behavior. When I finally accepted defeat and let G-d in the hole it was filled.quickly and still is full close to thirty years later The only problem is that it took so long to come to that awareness Reply

Torah Lover Wetumpka, AL October 19, 2007

filling the hole I was on meth amphetamines for about five years. Hashem, in His loving mercy, filled the hole with Himself and His Holy Torah. He made it so easy for me. Baruch Hashem. Reply

cheryl October 16, 2007

filling the hole Only He can fill the "hole"..Not just acting ..But G-d in us.. Our actions are the result of Who is in us. Children becoming not just adults.. but mature adults , growing in the nurture and admonition of He who is greater than us all. Love the toons by the way..and so do my children !!! Reply

Rabbi Infinity Undisclosed, Youdontwannaknow October 15, 2007

Response to Boruch Hecht "And for those who asked who it's for: Its to help children become adults. "

Actually, it's to help adults to become children again--and re-learn everything they have forgotten since then. Reply

Tuviah toronto, canada October 15, 2007

filling the hole I am a recovered crack cocaine addict. Thank G-D I filled the hole. I went to cocaine annonomous, which I went to once before and it did not work, then this time I did the 12 steps as outlined in the book of recovery. However what made the difference for me was my contact with G-D. I could have never done this without the help of downtown chabad from Toronto. Chabad showed me a way to live through study of torah, and through daily praying. The hole has been filled. Baruch Hashem Reply

Boruch Hecht Morristown, NJ October 10, 2007

Two Jews Three Opinions I loved the toons it was very inspirational to me to hear
1) the message
2) the fun that went along with it!
3) It was very uplifting for me to see that even after all the criticism Kabbalah toons is up to # VI!!!! Keep it up!! Don't worry about the critics! We must continue to Bring Heaven Down to Earth!
And for those who asked who it's for: Its to help children become adults. Reply

Aunice Los Angeles, CA October 8, 2007

I love it! This is great. I love it! My 1.5 year old is jumping up and down. Keep it coming... Reply

Baruch Horowitz monsey, ny October 8, 2007

all the kaballah toons I think these toons are AWESOME. First of all the picture/animation and the acting are excellent, top notch, but most importantly the messages are perfect and inspiring. I loved watching them all. thank you. Reply

Anonymous October 3, 2007

Awsome! It's cute, fun and brings the right message! Keep up the good work! Reply

Anonymous houston, tx September 14, 2007

Rabbi! Thanks My wild wish to see your talent used to do children's work has been granted, praise G-d!

Although it wasn't what I "envisioned" this is cool, I think more edgier than I thought.

I wished for a tale written for kids with an adult audience in mind-a hard feat to master, I think you delivered!

I like the sci-fi meets kabbala style
Keep it coming! Reply

Anonymous Buena Park, Calif., U.S.A. September 12, 2007

Rabbi-Gram Has great appeal to we scular Jews.....keep up your good work in the USA. Reply

Anonymous Pompano, FL/US September 11, 2007

Filling the hole I like this kabbalah toon and even so we learn as Jews that spirituality does not mean giving up all material goods. Some religions have attracted American Jewish youth because the belief system says you will be more spiritual if you give up your possessions, but we, as Jews, know that the kiddush cup, seforim, tallit and tefillin are the objects we must cling to in order to serve our spirituality. Reply