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Kabbala of Stuff
On the inner meanings of everyday things
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Kabbalistic Sports
Who says spiritual enlightenment can’t be fun?
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The Kabbalah of every one of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet
View all 25 videos
Demonstrating that there’s more to Jewish holidays than prayers and eating food.
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Power Mitzvahs
The soul behind those strange rituals we do.
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The Isifier
Interested in creating your own worlds out of nothing? Here’s where to start.
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Miri Makes Trouble
A high-suspense, serialized, kabbalistic sci-fi/fantasy.
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The Feivel Suite
Everything you need to know about taming the beast within.
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Ari's Lab
Ari is a lovable, somewhat geeky 15-year-old working in Rabbi Infinity’s KabbalaLab, and just clueing into the nexus of Kabbalah and hi-tech.
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