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What is Kabballah and how is it relevant? Explore how the Kabbalistic approach can enhance every aspect of our lives while introducing us to new life-dimensions.

What can Kabbalah do for me?

What can Kabbalah do for me?

Introduction to Kabbalah


What can Kabbalah do for me?: Introduction to Kabbalah

What is Kabballah and how is it relevant? Explore how the Kabbalistic approach can enhance every aspect of our lives while introducing us to new life-dimensions.
Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe is a frequent contributor of articles and media to, is Dean of the Institute of American and Talmudic Law in New York, N.Y., and Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Torah in Springfield. Mass. Rabbi Yaffe has lectured and led seminars throughout North America, as well as in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.
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Diana Reardon Bedias, Texas via January 11, 2013

Just what I needed Great basic explanation of Kabbalah. I am so glad the Rabbi took the time to teach this to us. It is just what I have needed to hear & learn. I'm so glad that Kabbalah is now taught to the common Jew & anyone else that wants to learn & know. It says a lot about the period of time we now live in. I look forward to my continued learning in this area for my & other peoples spritual growth. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA February 13, 2011

What Can Kabbalah Do For Me This teaching was a wonderful insight for me. I never really believed in reencarnation, but this teaching makes sense to me when I remember an experience I had, in 1970 when I visited Toledo, Spain. My ancestor were from Castilla La Vieja (Old Castille). And for what I understand now, most of these area was where the Sephardic Jews community. I remember being there and could even tell the guide where a particular place every room was. It is amazing! Now I somehow can connect to my ancestors through Chabad. As Rabbi Yaffe pointed out of families being present in the spirit on certain events in our lives, I have experience it in my own. Thank you Rabbi Yaffe for your teachings. I will be looking forward for other clases such as this one at My main interest is to understand, as you mentioned, the purpose, G-d has place on my life in this world, at this time. I am deeply in love with my Creator the more I get to know him through Torah teachings the more I want to obey him. Reply

Ms. Deborah Wodraska September 26, 2009

Shlomo the Wonderful Teacher, todah rabah. I have listened to alot (alot!) of classes on, and have not only learned new, wonderful things to enhance my Jewish practice, but have also been gifted with real inspiration from just about every one of them (with just one exception - the scientist and the rabbi/creation v. science - blah,blah,blah;unfortunately it was a typical diatribe (and I'm a person of Faith! My G-d is not so fragile! Insecure people are threatened by science, not G-d!).
But this is by far THE BEST lecture I've heard on kabbalistic principals in my life! It was presented throughout in the most understandable yet eloquent way. It is the first audio to be placed in "my favorites" folder in my new mp3 player which I purchased specifically for my audios so that I may learn throughout my day.
Rabbi Yaffe is a great teacher, and the Chabad community (and little me) are fortunate to have him share the breadth and depth of his knowledge and understanding. Reply

judith cukier woodland hills, ca May 27, 2009

diagrams can i see your diagrams, Shlomo?
thank you! Reply

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