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A short animated film on how to put on tefillin.

The Tefillin Booth

The Tefillin Booth

The Do-It-Yourself Tefillin Guide

Topics: Tefillin
About the animator: After graduating from the Curtin school of Fine Arts in Perth, Western Australia, Yitzchok Faigenbaum began a journey to Judaism which culminated in two years of study at the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, NJ. With further studies in animation at a 3d film school, his aspiration is to bring together the world of art and the teachings of the Torah.
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Discussion (68)
May 31, 2016
nice story
meir leibowitz
los angeles
December 3, 2013
Re: Toupee
There is indeed a difference between something attached (ok) versus something worn and taken off. The latter would be considered a 'hefsek', something interrupting between the head and the Tefillin.

If, however, one is embarrassed to go out in public (shul) without it, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (Igros Moshe Orach Chaim, 4:40) discusses first putting on the tefilin at home without it and saying the shema, and then later, wearing the head tefilin without a blessing at shul over the Toupee.

In practice, this should be an issue asked with one's own Rov (rabbinic authority).
Yisroel Cotlar
Cary, NC
November 21, 2013
Is a toupee an interruption for the shel rosh? is this different for a permanent versus temporary? What length of time constitutes permanent? How does the idea of embarrassing someone being a grave sin affect whether one would be required to remove the toupee in public if in fact it were considered an interruption between the tefillin and head?
November 18, 2013
the straps on my tefillin
I recently went through my belongings in the basement and found my tefilin. I want to start using them regularly again which lead me to a few questions...
1. how often must tefilin be checked?
2. can you put up a link with a video or pictures that show how to tie the straps (not how to put on tefilin but how to correctly tie the leather straps themselves onto the boxes) on the shel yad and the shel rosh?
November 11, 2013
Response to 7? Wraps on arm?
Well, actually, the 8th loop that you see is only a half a loop. You want there to be 7 FULL loops around your arm so that you can fulfill the Mitzvah properly, so the eighth loop (the one closest to his shoulder) is just there to make the 7 actual loops be fully around your arm.
In other words, when you start wrapping something around your arm, the first loop isn't really a loop- the string doesn't go all the way back to where it started- it goes on to make more real loops.

So, just to answer your question in 1 sentence-
The 8th loop you see isn't an official loop.
August 8, 2012
Thank you for the wonderful video. I now do it every morning. Nice and easy.Although I go to Shull every Saturday I will now make a habit of putting on Tefillin every day.
Ottawa, Canada
February 18, 2012
if theres a way & a meaning in tying tefilin on/up, is there a way to tie them back in each appropriate box? and a meaning to it too?
December 27, 2011
7? Wraps on the Arm?
The video says 7, but it shows 8..what am I missing here? Does the first or last one "not count"..perhaps as a "transitional" wrap "starting" or "transitioning" from the arm to the hand?
I just want to get it right.
Thank you so much for the great video..I'm sure it's accurate, I'm just a newbie and don't understand the how to count the wraps properly I assume - Shalom!
New Yerushalayim, Yisra''el
December 21, 2011
To Samuel Shene-Gerszenfisz
It is hard to diagnose what the problem may be from a distance. I suggest that you stop by a Chabad center or synagogue in your area to consult. I am sure that whomever you meet will be happy to share his experience with you. In fact, your local Chabad rabbi may even make a house call.
Menachem Posner for
Montreal, QC
December 20, 2011
When I use the ARM tfilin, it's very loose. How do I tighten or redo the special knot?
Samuel Shene-Gerszenfisz
Toronto, Canada
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