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The meaning of Haggadah and its history.

Experience the Taste of Freedom

Experience the Taste of Freedom

Part 1


Taste of Freedom - Part 1: Part 1

The meaning of Haggadah and its history.
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karin anne Petaluma, ca February 19, 2011

When I listen to the simplicity of the lecture,
on the Angel of Darkness.

Remember that light was put into the World to reject Evil. To walk through the Valley of Evil and Death upon your own Land where you were told you would be safe if you obeyed the Laws of Man. This is the Evil acting as Goodness.

So when Evil Masks himself as Good to someone who is truly good no matter how many times you mask evil for good. God will win out. what does God look for in all the World to see if anyone understand God Messenger?

Would this Messenger be feared. When God can send Messengers to wipe out sodom and gommorah. Why does God have to wipe evil away .. to balance out the Godliness in the World.

I would think that the Human race knows they took on the Animal Nature. They forgot about the Laws of God. We have to work within our given boundries, we have not advanced enough to take care of so much evil, we have not enough teachers that believe in God. Reply

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