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A taste of the real thing: a recording of the complete Hebrew Book of Esther, by a renowned Megillah reader.

Megillah Reading All Chapters

Megillah Reading All Chapters


All Chapters

A taste of the real thing: a recording of the complete Hebrew Book of Esther, by a renowned Megillah reader.

Note: One fulfills the obligation of listening to the Megillah on Purim only by listening to a live reading in person. This recording is for educational purposes only.

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Levi March 14, 2017

I could not agree more Reply

Anonymous March 14, 2017

טוב מאד Reply

Anonymous NJ March 12, 2017

Thank you ! Beautifully read ! Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2017

Amen! Beautiful! Thank you so much for posting :) Reply

Anonymous March 7, 2017

Wow Wow this rabbi has pure talent! Reply

Anonymous L.A. March 5, 2017

I agree, very good for mivtzoim! Reply

Anonymous February 28, 2017

Very good Slow is smooth and smooth is fast Reply

Anonymus February 28, 2017

I really liked your leining it really inspires me to lein meggila Reply

Levi levin February 21, 2017

I really like your leining, it's very smooth Reply

Anonymous February 14, 2017

@i lain....
Wow! You are so talented
I wish i can lain like that too
Your admirer,
Anonymous Reply

Me 90035 February 14, 2017

Expert I am learning how to learn meggila thanks to you Reply

Me February 7, 2017

Expert I lain every week thanks to your recordings

A la cheder student Reply

Anonymous March 24, 2016

Thank you for this beautiful recording! Reply

Anonymous Fort Worth Texas March 5, 2015

We have had 3-4 inches of snow with 1 inch of ice underneath to make it impossible to get to a Shul for this joyish occasion in DFW Texas. Thank you very much for the beautiful recording!!! Reply

ken Yorktown Heights December 31, 2012

Mijilla What form of Hebrew pronunciation is used in this recording? Reply

Mosheh San Jose, Costa Rica February 28, 2012

Awesome! It is so wonderful to have tools like this online! Everytime I need to find out about jewish observances I can alway rely on Nothing better than having the chance to get all this info so that one can live their jewish life accordingly. Thank you very much! Reply

Yitzchak Mordechai Bklyn, NY January 8, 2012

The Megilla Rabbi Slavin is the man !!! He knows all the Sedras in the Torah, not only does he read the Torah but im pretty sure he knows the different commentaries that comment throughout the Torah. & all the different points of how things are spelled etc. Reply

Chaim Kalorama, Australia March 19, 2011

listening to megilla I live in a forest in Australia.

Thank you for posting and allowing me to listen on Purim. It may not be a mitzva for me but it surely was for you. Reply

ruvane toronto, canada March 10, 2009

i enjoyed listening .. thank you Reply

DJ Detroit, MI March 9, 2009

Thanks for posting the audio! It is nice to have a copy to practice off of and listen to on my spare time ;)

Interesting to note the differences in Chabbad enunciations. Reply

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