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The way the soul will operate when it is not enclosed within the body. The different phases the soul goes through from when it departs the body until it reaches its place in the upper worlds.

A Guide to the Afterlife

A Guide to the Afterlife


A Guide to the Afterlife

The way the soul will operate when it is not enclosed within the body. The different phases the soul goes through from when it departs the body until it reaches its place in the upper worlds.
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Vincent Italy May 8, 2017

I am not jewish, but I agree with this so very much, thank you and G'd bless you! Reply

Liam Flanagan Australia May 6, 2016

My son died on the 27/03/2015 I can feel him at time's is this him, I have a place where I leave toy's flowers his favourite food's. I am haunted in my own mind at finding him doing CPR for 45 minute's! His words the night he died Daddy if I take my medication I will not die will I? my answer of course not , for what will Daddy do without you! First and only time I lied too him, not that it was a concious lie as that's what I was told by Doctor's Reply

Anonymous March 25, 2015

my Friend's son died on 23.3.2015, is there is any possibilities that his spirit can come and stay with us in our home? how it reacts? good or bad? Reply

Orlando Rolan Florida October 13, 2014

Soul or Spirit? Hi: Please answer this question for me. What is the difference between Soul and Spirit? I think that the human soul is the human body itself, the Spirit is what goes to Our G--d when the body dies. Do you believe that the human being is body, soul and spirit, three in one; just what most people believe. My wife think that when a person dies, the spirit return to G--d and the body to the tomb and soul goes to another place. What are your comments? I don't believe in a trinity, 'three in one" like many people think and neither think that a person is composed of body, soul, and spirit. I believe a person is body and spirit. Thank you. Reply

Mrs. Jacqueline Mascaro August 28, 2012

a friend that died on Sept 11,2011 my firend died on september 11, 2011. I continue to have dreams about him and have had since he died. I have known this man since he was child.

I did have a dream that i saw him and he got a book or some kind of completion for the death of his anniversary.

what does this mean? Reply

Anonymous West Palm Beach, FL via December 14, 2009

The words you use For example, when you describe the "pain" of the soul - what does that mean? There is no physical pain in that dimention. There is no physical "feeling" - or else you are measuring by the on-earth bodily responses. They are no longer applicable and the semantics we use to describe them are inadequate because - in fact - we just aren't "knowing" enough to know that our verbal descriptions are accurate. Reply

Huna Pencovici Haifa Israel July 20, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

We can't know as living beings how pain is sensed after we die
But doing as many mitzvot as one can is as an "insurance policy"
So if you want to be on the safe side multiply your mitzvot. But do not forget that they must be done with innocent intentions, kavanna Tmima. Reply

Father Shlomo October 14, 2009

RE: Torah I would suggest that you check out the books of the kabbalists like the AriZal. Perhaps Sefer Hagilgulim. Reply

Anonymous brookville,, ny September 25, 2009

LFIE AFTER DEATH Does this all apply to only Jewish souls, or everyone regardless of religion? I believe the Rabbi is very accurate in his description of what happens to humans after they die. It is a warning that more people who know about. Maybe the world would be a better place if people thought about what will happen after they die. Reply

Camella Ramiah/Ramayah/Ramaya Caroni, Trinidad September 25, 2009

Torah Where in the Torah can i get this information about the soul that you lecture about Reply

Anonymous ny, usa May 5, 2009

the soul I believe this is absolutely true. It is in our hands as to how we be after this life. Pity the poor souls that if better educated could have changed their fate. Reply

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