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Why is there a need for reincarnation? To whom does it occur? Can an entire generation be reincarnated?

Reincarnation: A Jewish Belief

Reincarnation: A Jewish Belief


Reincarnation: A Jewish Belief

Why is there a need for reincarnation? To whom does it occur? Can an entire generation be reincarnated?
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william brown Esteli, Nicaragua. February 2, 2013

Multiverse and reincarnation? I suggest you watch "parallel universes" a bbc documentary and consider a multiverse with the idea of reincarnation. I tried to leave you a link, but they're disallowed here. If you would like a link, please feel free to e-mail me. :-)

How could paradise be paradise without the people you love? If they're unrecognizable to you? If there's innumerable universes with many lives of each person (and an innumerable number without them when they have become perfected) this quandary is resolved. Reply

Anonymous cc, florida May 18, 2010

Why do people go to the grave sites of the dead like the Rebbi if there is reincarnation? Why are Jews asked to go to cemeteries if there is reincarnation? I don't understand! So humans are equal to animals if the soul can enter an animal just as a human? Where does out soul wait once we die? Why wait for a messiah to come if he is human and can't deliver me to G-d. Since I have to have to get to G-d myself why do I need a messiah? Oh this is to confusing!!! Reply

Mark Easley May 12, 2009

Was humanity created for this purpose, the temple/house in which to reach out to resolve those in perdition? Reply

Grace Fishenfeld Boca Raton, FL. USA March 12, 2009

Jewish Reincarnation The struggle to explain why some souls cannot get to the choice place in the world to come, caused Jewish minds to contemplate and invent reincarnation. The notion of gilgul is the adventure of a soul that is seeking improvement through the challenges of another lifetime.
God does not give up on us, it seems. If at once you do not succeed, you can try and try again. Who could have dreamed this up? Reply

Chava Australia July 20, 2008

enlightening This audio class has been so enlightening for me. I never knew about reincarnation as part of Jewish thought, I learned about it today and found this audio class. Thank you for offering this, it answered many of my questions in an easy to understand manner.
Thank you for offering audio classes. I will definitely come back to learn more! Reply

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