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It was the tribes of Reuven and Gad that requested to settle in the land east of the Jordan; but half the tribe of Menasheh also receives their portion on the other side of the Jordan. Why?

Matot: This Land Is Your Land

Matot: This Land Is Your Land

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levi rapoport brooklyn July 15, 2015

comment @ 39:37 the 6 cities differed from the other 42 because A) the murderer lived rent-free and B) it protected him even if he entered the city unintentionally -Mishna Torah, Laws of Murder, 8:10 Reply

Anonymous USA July 2, 2013

Matot: This Land Is Your Land I have a question: Is there, by any chance, a connection of Manasseh's descendants to be in the congregation of the Zionist? Their in-born desire for their people to return to the land of Israel. They worked very hard for this purpose. And adding to it, most importantly of all, they were willing to give their lives to accomplish this mission. The way that I see the whole idea of securing a piece of land for their families, before going to war, is, to me, a very strong sign of the zeal for the love of their relatives well being. Not leaving them homeless, disposed in case of their fall in battle. Like in the case of a woman marrying a next of kin when her husband perishes in war. The whole principle idea is, to me the same. I under-stand Moshe's point of view also, he had to make it clear to them. And in the end it all worked out for the good. This is a very strong message to consider for the future redemption. The love and compassion for family. And the thought of their future. Reply

yehudit Jerusalem, Israel July 21, 2011

beautiful, thank you so much for the inspiration and words of Torah! Reply

Anonymous Cat Spring, TX/USA July 16, 2009

Moshe New and Matot-Massei Thk you for your audio comments. I particularly enjoyed the insights into Joseph and Manasseh ... also I could just SEE the arrival of the Messanic Era (as pictured in Shabat) when you talked about the 5762 years (days) which are therefore coning upon the close of the sixth day. I think this explains why I've been having so many deep experiences with G-d on Shabat. Again, THANK YOU and Baruch HASHEM Reply