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The mezuzah and the laws concerning the small scroll of protection that adorns every door of our homes.



Sanctifying Your Home

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Discussion (6)
December 23, 2013
Re: Clarice
If there is no room within the doorframe for the Mezuzah to be placed outside of the door then it may be placed within the (right) doorframe on the inside of the door.
New York
December 21, 2013
The Mezuzah
What if you have a metal doorway, and cannot access the door post on the outside of the house? would you position the Mezuzah on the inside of that metal door, on the doorpost?
Clarice White
Roswell, New Mexico
September 1, 2011
Am I missing something? What if the hinges are on the left side of the door entrance like they are on my apt. door? I haven't put up a Mezuzah because I can't afford one!...ever..
Ms. Channah Ussery
December 25, 2008
RE: Mezuzah - location, etc.
According to Ashkenazi tradition, the Mezuzah is placed on an angle with the top part facing inward. This is because there is a disagreement whether it is to be affixed upright or on its side. As a compromise, it is placed on a slant. The Sepharadic custom is, however, to position it upright.
Menachem Posner for
December 22, 2008
Mezuzah - location, etc.

I saw and listen to the Rabbi's comments on the proper location for the "MEZUZAH" - What is missing however, is a comment on the angle, the correct angle of the "MEZUZAH", and why it would be done in such way.

Thank you,

Luis Ignacio Velez
Medellin, Colombia
July 8, 2008
"the deed" is amazing very wel put together and very informative keep up the amazing work!
worcester, ma
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