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Where do dreams come from, and do they really mean anything? Are they G-d’s way of communicating with us or simply the result of our overactive imaginations?

Kabbalah On Dreams

Kabbalah On Dreams


Kabbalah On Dreams

Where do dreams come from, and do they really mean anything? Are they G-d’s way of communicating with us or simply the result of our overactive imaginations?
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Abraham Jos Bangalore July 20, 2012

My dreams In India people say that seeing snakes in your dream is a bad omen. As a youngster i remember one night i saw a dream in which a huge snake was crawling behind my head coming straight at me and in my dream i take a pistol and shoot it right on its head with my hand behind my head. That shook me out of my sleep and i sat up fully awake. That is when i hear the sound of someone running away from the side window. Thinking it was a thief i ran to the window and shouted "thief, thief" but no one was there. Next day i get a message that, that night my grandfather passed away in his hometown 1500kms away from where i was. I later came to know from my aunt that in the middle of the night as his soul was leaving him, he asked for me many times. I was shocked. The same time that my grandfather was asking for me i saw this dream and felt as someone was running away from near me!! What does this mean? I had a lot of respect for my granddad. He was a very righteous man an I was his only grandson. Reply

rivkie borenstein goshen, ny October 28, 2011

beautiful class. Reply

Anonymous Montreal, Canada August 5, 2009

Dream A dream not interpreted is the same as a "letter not opened". Dreams have valuable messages and the funny part of it remembering it all is not that possibe when we awake. For this purpose, some used to keep dream diaries beside their bed.

Our ancestors, sages, prophets were blessed with getting prophetic messages. Let's share our experiences to gain the ability to interpret our dreams.

By the way, I am getting lots of dreams on numbers (especially 8, 9, 12, 15). Figure 8000 comes quite often which I assume is the figure 8. Anyone have any expertise to interpret the dream on numbers? Reply

Sarah April 22, 2009

Thanks What a great class!!! Reply

TJ Chambers Lenexa, KS April 8, 2008

If you don't dream He discussed people that don't dream. You should go back and listen again. Reply

mr george miami, fl April 7, 2008

dream what happen if someone dont have dreams,does that mean there soul dont travel at night Reply

theophilus osei accra, ghana April 5, 2008

question do dreams really work if yes instantly or any time after dreaming? Reply

Meira Lerman League City, USA April 2, 2008

Kabbalah of Dreams Your Sheur is very informative, full of great insight with a lot of options for interpretation and application. Thank you very much! Reply

TJ Chambers Lenexa, KS April 2, 2008

Clear the Junk Thank you for this. Sometimes I have dreams and visions that come true. It has stopped over the last year and now I know why. I need to stop filling my brain with junk and allow it to clear. Reply

Zacharia Mathews Montreal, Canada May 28, 2007

Dream Very good presentations - matter to the fact.
May God bless you Reply

Anonymous melbourne, australia June 4, 2006

kabbalah on dreams Fantastic. Thank you so much.

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