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Explore the significance of the ritually fringed four-cornered garment.

Tzitzit and Tallit

Tzitzit and Tallit

A Constant Reminder

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August 6, 2014
There are some jewish communities who wear tallith gadol at all hours of prayer ( shacharit, mincha, and arvit). I wear my tallit gadol at all hours of prayer when am at home doing my personal prayers. But when am at a beit Knesset then I follow the local minhag and nusach of the beit Knesset am praying in.
Bronx ny
June 21, 2013
Hexaplex trunculus
is the die not from the Hexaplex trunculus sea snail? Its die is purple when in the shade but when exposed to the sun it turns an indigo color
Blaine MN
July 9, 2011
Prayer shawl embroidered lines
It is my understanding that each of the 12 tribes had a unique pattern of lines on the prayer shawl. Where can I find information about those embroidered lines and to which tribe each is associated?
May 10, 2011
Tzitzit and
Devora, you wrote that you're looking for inspirational stories for a son going through teen challenges. How about "The Would-Be Sinner," on Menachos 44a?

It's too explicit for young teens. You'll want to preview it and decide whether it's appropriate for your son.
Modiin, Israel
March 14, 2010
response to Jacob Shaner
Jacob Shaner,

I would suggest that you wear your tzizit over your undershirt and then wear a t-shirt over it. This is perfectly fine to proudly wear at home. Tzizit don't have to be worn with formal dress only. Many Chassidim wear a pair of night tzizit over or under their PJs.

Since you did your research, perhaps you can help me. Have you come across any inspirational stories I can forward to my son to encourage him to put back on his tzizit? He's going thru teen challanges stage right now...??
February 4, 2010
I watched the video, Ive searched the internet, I read every source available, but have not gotten an answer: how do I wear tzitzit if I spend my days home (disabled) and either don't get dressed for the day, or wear jeans and a t-shirt? I cant let the tzitzit touch my skin, so an undershirt is necessary, then another shirt over? I should wash them every day? I so want to perform this mitzvot, but it was much easier when I worked in NYC and dressed in a suit everyday. Now, it's pjs, warm ups, shorts and T's. I can't wear a suit everyday
Jacob Shaner
kingston, ny
November 3, 2009
RE: Tekheles
Problem is that if they are not techeles, the thread must be the same color as the garment that they are fixed to.
November 3, 2009
Re: tekheles
I do understand this. I know what the Tal'mud says about not using a substitute for tekheles which looks like tekheles, but if one uses an extremely dark blue, or an extremely light blue, it does not resemble tekheles, but is still blue - and is at least closer to the mitz'vah than omitting the blue thread all together.
Rockford, MI
November 3, 2009
RE: tekheles
suggesting that we use another dye instead of techelet is like asking a doctor to place another similar looking liquid into the bag dripping into the arm of the patient since they ran out of the stuff they normally put in the i.v. or asking your a chef to put mud into the spaghetti since there is no beef and they look almost alike. They may look alike, but one nourishes and the other does not.

Techelet is the mitzvah that G-d asked for and indigo or blueberries just won't make the cut.
November 3, 2009
why must the tekheles be such a specific and rare dye? and in the absence of such a dye, should we not do our best to fulfill the mitz'vah of a "thread of blue", to the best of our ability? Why not use a blue that is either darker or lighter than actual tekheles, so that it cannot be mistaken for tekheles, but is still blue?
Rockford, MI
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